Dialogue for the liberalization of visas is one of the main priorities of Kosovo’s government

Dialogue for the liberalization of visas is one of the main priorities of Kosovo’s government

Pristina, February 13, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The large number of youngsters leaving the country has obliged the government of Kosovo to discuss the remaining criteria in the framework of the implementation of the Guideline for the Liberalization of Visas.

Kosovo’s PM, Isa Mustafa declared today that dialogue for the liberalization of the visa regime remains one of the short term priorities of the government.

In the meeting of the Leading Committee for the Liberalization of Visas, he said that the government cabinet will be committed for the finalization of this chapter, in order for the citizens to travel without visas in the EU member countries.

As far as illegal emigration is concerned, Mustafa said that the government is committed to bring back hope for the citizens through economic and social development of the country.

“In this aspect, we’re taking concrete measures for the improvement of the life of the citizens, offering an economic perspective. We will improve the health system, education, and the entire social life in the country. These reforms that we will undertake are based on the rule of law and economic policies and they’re part of the aspirations to become part of the biggest European family”, said he.

Meanwhile, the minister of Integration, Bekim Collaku said that “the progress that we have achieved together in the approval of legal and strategic framework and in the consolidation of institutional mechanisms have been reflected in the report of the European Commission published in July last year. However, we’re aware that there are still several criteria/recommendations remaining which must be addressed by responsible institutions in the weeks and months to come”.

He said that the government of Kosovo has agreed with the European Commission to send a final report on the implementation of the remaining criteria.

This report will be sent to the European Commission once all actions and measures have been taken.

“The sooner the remaining criteria are met, the sooner the report will be sent to Brussels, thus giving way to the European Commission to send an evaluating mission before allowing to the citizens of Kosovo to travel without visas”, said Collaku. /ibna/