Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia in a gridlock

Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia in a gridlock

Pristina, 7 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Dialogue for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is not yielding the necessary results in removing barriers in economy and other domains.

A large number of agreements have been signed since 2011 in the domain of economy, education, free movement of people, services, energy, but they haven’t been implemented.

Serbia has continued to apply trade barriers, to block free movement through barricades set up on Iber river bridge in the North of Mitrovica and it has prevented the implementation of the agreement on the telecom, namely the country code for Kosovo.

Minister for Dialogue in the Kosovo government, Edita Tahiri has travelled to Brussels to talk to Angelina Eichhorst, director for Western Europe, Western Balkans and Turkey at the European Union Foreign Office.

Minister Tahiri says that the majority of agreements reached in the framework of the package of the Brussels’ agreements have not been fully implemented by Serbia.

“Serbia has prevented Kosovo from having its country code and also in other processes, including the UNESCO accession. Serbia is also preventing the revitalization of the Mitrovica bridge, whereby the end of this month, the barricade should be removed and free movement of people and vehicles should be enabled”, she says.

Prominent analyst, Naim Rashiti has declared that the delays in the implementation of agreements between Pristina and Belgrade could cause incidents.

“Further delays could lead to a new status quo and delay the normalization of relations. They could also trigger incidents threatening security”, Rashiti says. /balkaneu.com/