Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia nearing the final stage

Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia nearing the final stage

Following a long period of stagnation in terms of new international recognitions, on Saturday, the independence of Kosovo was also recognized by Madagascar.

Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said that this shows that Kosovo is also entering the final stage of dialogue with Serbia.

Haradinaj said that this process where Serbia alone is gaining, cannot continue.

Meanwhile, analysts in Pristina told IBNA that Kosovo must boost its efforts for new recognitions and accessions in international organizations.

Professor of political science, Gjon Culaj told IBNA that the new government must increase the number of diplomatic personnel in order to achieve an adequate number of recognitions for accession in the UN and other international organizations.

According to him,  what’s important in this process is the normalization of relations with Serbia through a dialogue which is being brokered by the European Union.

Culaj says that it’s necessary to have the USA’s involvement in the process of dialogue.

On the other hand, European Law professor, Avni Mazrreku told IBNA that Kosovo must engage experts from all domains in the dialogue with Serbia.

“So far, this dialogue has only seen the involvement of politicians. Under these circumstances, Kosovo has been unprepared, allowing Belgrade to benefit from this process”, he said. /balkaneu.com/