DF ministers in F BiH Government resigned

DF ministers in F BiH Government resigned

Sarajevo, June 12, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

Democratic front (DF) ministers in the Federation BiH government submitted the joint resignation on their posts on Friday afternoon, signaling the definitive end of the “stable and constructive” coalition with the party of democratic action (SDA and Croatian Democratic Union BiH (HDZ BiH).

The resignation means that the entity Federation BiH doesn’t have a functioning government and that the other two coalition members must find a new partner. HDZ BiH President, Dragan Covic, already had a meeting with leader of Party for better future BiH (SBB BIH), Fahrudin Radoncic, who refused to take a part in new coalition. He explained that SBB BiH will participate in a pro EU and civilized government, but not in the government that has the aim to retain SDA leader, Bakir Izetbegovic, on power.

Izetbegovic was hoping that DF will withdraw its decision about leaving the coalition, but today it became clear that this will not happened. Minister of trade in the government, Aleksandar Remetic, submitted his resignation according to government protocol, placing the final nail on all Izetbegovic hopes.

“DF believes that the rule of law is the basis for work of any government. Out party will still support reforms, changes in society, British – German initiative and the Reform agenda”, said Remetic to reporters in Sarajevo, after his resignation.

Remetic was not able to submit this document to Federation BiH President, Marinko Čavara, because he was not in office.

“In next few days I will consider this document and bring the decision in accordance with F BiH Constitution and the protection interests of entity and citizen, Cavara said in a statement to media in Sarajevo.

He emphasized that the resignation shows the frivolity and irresponsibility of DF, as a party unprepared to deal and compromise. Cavara stressed that it is not clear what DF thinks of doing with other staff from their party in the government, since there are several deputies of ministers from DF.

At this moment nobody sees a fast solution for this crisis, but all hope that the crisis in Federation will not be transferred on the state level. In order to try to find the third party for the coalition, HDZ BiH leader, Dragan Covic, will have a meeting with leaders of smaller parties of this entity.