Deviations and developments in SYRIZA come Monday

Deviations and developments in SYRIZA come Monday

Athens, July 27, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Developments are under way at the meeting of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA at 5 pm on Monday, in the presence of Alexis Tsipras, after the consolidation of the tear in the ruling party that became evident in the second vote in Parliament last Wednesday.

According to the newspaper “Avgi”, the Political Secretariat may open the way for the convening of the Central Committee on the weekend of August 1-2, while the procedures are expected to peak at the extraordinary congress, which according to all indications will take place in September, after the agreement with the lenders and before the announcement of snap elections that seem to be on the horizon.

Indeed, the newspaper “Ethnos” says on its Sunday paper that the day of snap elections has been set for November 8. In these elections is expected to clear the “landscape” within SYRIZA, since the Constitution gives the option to the government to have a list of candidates and not a selection.

According to other information, published in the newspaper “To Vima” on Sunday, Alexis Tsipras plans to proceed with the formation of a special purpose government, led probably by him, but with an enlarged political legitimacy and the support of the House, which will involve non-political persons without party status.

Tsipras will opt for this solution, the newspaper notes, if he accepts the recommendations on “creative inaction” within the party, ie if he wants to avoid conflict and separation with the dissidents in his party, but it seems that this ship has sailed.

What’s more, “oil in the fire” is expected to throw Monday’s afternoon event – hours after the meeting of the Political Secretariat – of the Left Platform with Panagiotis Lafazanis the main speaker, entitled: “NO has not been defeated! We continue…”.

During this, the former Minister of Productive Reconstruction is expected to criticize the way in which the Prime Minister has decided to manage the outcome of the referendum and the agreement with the partners.

On the other hand, in the meeting of the Political Secretariat strong criticism is expected to be voiced of the plans of the Left Platform and the illusions for financial assistance from Russia.

Along these lines is the interview of Panagiotis Lafazani the newspaper Real News, in which he says: “If the government identifies irreversibly with new and old memorandums and the policies that apply to them, it will not only find myself opposite, but the vast majority of SYRIZA, almost united, the democratic, progressive and Left people”.

He further says that he supports the government to implement its program, “the radical program” in which the SYRIZA government was elected and to meet the proud “NO” of the referendum. He adds, however, that he does not support it to agree and implement new memoranda.

“My own persistent position from the start was to promptly prepared Greece, first of all politically, for all eventualities, even for the scenario of an exit from the eurozone, if it encountered a ‘wall’ and demands for surrender”.