Self Determination against the increase of the price of power supply

Self Determination against the increase of the price of power supply

Pristina, September 3, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Through a press statement issued today, Self Determination has objected the increase of the price of power supply.

“The Energy Regulatory Authority has decided to increase the price for all categories of power supply by 5.18%. This increase comes after an earlier rise by 4.57% of the price, a decision which was made in July of this year. Thus, twice in a row, we have an increase of the price of power supply in Kosovo”, says Self Determination.

The statement says that this deliberation for the increase of price came as a result of the blast taken place in Power Plant Kosovo A.

“Citizens of Kosovo were never informed as to how the blast occurred and what caused it. What we have seen are the declarations issued by outgoing prime minister, Hashim Thaci, who became some sort of spokesman of the national TV network for the Kosovo Energy Corporation. Nobody was held accountable for this blast”, reads the statement.

According to Self Determination, the decision of the Regulatory Authority to increase the price, is based on the increase of import to guarantee regular power supply. “So, the increase in fact will benefit companies that sell power supply to Kosovo and we all know that these are Serb companies, owned by the likes of Vuk Hamovic and Damir Fazllic, who are known to be part of the “energy mafia in the Balkan”. These people have their branches in Kosovo, led by people close to the government. There’s no other way to explain the absolute negligence made to the energy sector by this government during its six years in power. /ibna/