Deputy PM Tahiri: UNO must launch investigations about the rapes suffered by women in the Kosovo war

Deputy PM Tahiri: UNO must launch investigations about the rapes suffered by women in the Kosovo war

Pristina, July 7, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

A forum was held today in Pristina in order to support the “We seek international justice for women raped during the last war in Kosovo” petition.

Present in the meeting were representatives of civil society, representatives of communes and organizations that fight for gender equality.

The member of the board of women, deputy prime minister Edita Tahiri said that the idea for the petition for women who were raped during the war in Kosovo is a delayed one, but she added that late is better than never.

Tahiri didn’t provide any accurate dates as to when the petition will be signed, but she said that this process will be accelerated.

Once again, she has announced the demands of this petition addressed to the United Nations Organization.

“With the first demand, we seek international justice for the women raped during the war in Kosovo. With the second demand, we call on the general secretariat of UNO to start investigations on the women that have been raped during the war in Kosovo and draft a report on this issue as soon as possible. With the third demand, we call on all the responsible ones for this genocide against humanity, to be brought to international justice and be punished. With the fourth demand, we seek the establishment of international justice mechanisms in order to secure unbiased and fair justice for those women who were raped during the war in Kosovo”, declared deputy prime minister Tahiri.

The forum has also received the support of the Ministry of Local Government (MLG) and Associations of the Communes of Kosovo.

“As a government and Association of Communes, we will participate with all our capacities in order to support gender equality and human rights. Today we have also communicated with heads of communes and we have obtained the support of the majority of them and I believe that in the days to come, we will be able to secure logistic support in order for this petition to be signed by as many people as possible”, said Besnik Osmani, general secretary of MLG.

Such support was also promised by Edona Hajrullahu, executive chief of the Agency for General Equality, who called on the public opinion to sign the petition.

Professor Pajazit Nushi, initiator of the project for people who were sexually abused in the war, said that the abuses have had a long history, dating back to 1992, when there were reports of abuses by members of the former Yugoslav Army and Serb Police of that time.

“This is an incentive which must be backed by all the citizens. As part of this environment and as a representative of an institution, I support this incentive and I believe that it will be supported by our population too”, said prof. Nushi.

Veprore Shehu, member of the Board of Women from Medica Association, said among others that this issue cannot be closed and pretend that everything is well, but support must be given for those women who were victims and by assuring international institutional recognition that this genocide has taken place in Kosovo.

The petition which will be signed in all the cities of Kosovo, will last five days, while the board will decide in other meetings about the date when it will be realized. /ibna/