Denouncements for international drug traffic by planes verified, no resignations

Denouncements for international drug traffic by planes verified, no resignations

IBNA Special Report

By Edison Kurani

Tirana, May 12, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

A small plane which carried out international flights between Italy and Albania, was discovered to be the center of an international traffic of narcotic substances.

But, the plane which was discovered in Divjaka and the car besides it filled with narcotic substances, was not a routine discovery of the Albanian police. It proved the suspicions and allegations raised by the opposition in Albania for several weeks now.

The discovery of this plane and the testimonies given by the people in this drug traffic, was shocking for the government, because it was forced to officially accept this fact.

For the  government, it was difficult to accept this traffic. Therefore, on Saturday, when this was discovered, the minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri, based on the ongoing investigations, didn’t confirm the drug traffic. Tahiri refused to confirm the drug traffic by plane, although besides the plan, police found the car with 500 kg of narcotics and 27 thousand Euros.

The following hours revealed the testimonies of a person interrogated by prosecution, which is controlled by an official appointed by the previous government. According to the testimony, the Italian citizen who had arrived with a plane to Divjaka, had clear intentions of drug traffic.

Drug traffic, Tahiri accuses the opposition for incitement (!)

Tahiri appeared in front of the media for the second time, where he admitted this traffic. Nevertheless, he tried to reject the opposition’s denouncements, according to which, it had been several weeks that small planes are loaded with drugs in Divjaka and military base of Gjadri. Tahiri stressed that this was the first attempt of drug traffic through the use of a plane.

In this appearance, Mr. Tahiri launched a number of accusations and criticism over the opposition. He even alluded that the plane that was caught, had been encouraged by the opposition.

“I declare with full responsibility that the history of this event is the fatal testimony of how criminal instincts are incited by irresponsible politics of the criminalization of the country and institutions, of the incitement of crime and drug traffic”.

Asked as to who he will hold accountable for this event, Tahuri once again pointed his finger to the opposition: ”…I can say that the responsibility lies in the irresponsible declarations which have encouraged criminal instincts on people who up until yesterday, they could not even fathom being involved in criminal activities”.

Resignation is not an option

The minister of Interior was asked as to when he would resign. He was humored when he heard the question and added: “I’ve noticed that the opposition too is very encouraged to find responsible people within the government and State Police, for the achievement and failure of Police during the time that they’ve been in duty”.

While he was talking about the resignation that was requested to him, Tahiri offered an “advice” for journalists that followed the news conference: “You must also praise the engagement of law enforcement institutions. You better address this question to the person who up until yesterday held the post of the Minister of Interior, the one who up until yesterday held the post of prime minister and who allowed the drug to go by unnoticed”.

Tahiri deforms SIS declaration

In order to respond to journalists’ questions, Tahiri resorted to the accusations against DP, which denounced a drug traffic through the use of planes, of being involved in it. He also played with the words about the declaration of SIS (State Informative Service), when he said that its head rejected the claim of the opposition for the existence of drug traffic.

But what is the truth?

A document was published on the media, where the head of SIS, Visho Ajazi Lika sent to the Albanian government in the recent weeks and where he informed on suspicions for drug traffic carried out by planes. Following the publication on the media, SIS reacted by saying that this was classified information.

SIS didn’t deny the document relating to the traffic of drug through the military infrastructure, when he said “our job is to convey to the highest authorities, in a classified way, information not only on every fact which has been verified, but also on every reasonable doubt which may serve to stop or prevent dangerous phenomena or events for the security of the country”.

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Basha: The government has fallen

Leader of Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha talked to the media about the plane that was discovered. He said that the accusations of the oppositions were confirmed even for the most skeptic ones, while adding that there was no police operation, as the drug was discovered accidentally, after the plane could not take off again due to the damages that it sustained.

“Yesterday event is extraordinary and has shocked public opinion, the opposition, but also international partners. It’s not like the prime minister is trying to make it look, a police operation. Big or small, Albanian or foreign, it’s now a fact that the plane had sustained a damage. Thus, they caught the plane when the plane fell on their lap. This is the confirmation of what the opposition has long said, that the country in these 8 months has turned into the base of the traffic of narcotic substances with direct involvement and support of the government”, said Basha.

He added: “I can say one thing for sure, the government of Edi Rama has fallen. Morally, it has been overthrown”.

The resignation of the minister of Interior and the prime minister has been demanded in the recent hours by opposition MPs.

Meanwhile, Marko Bello, member of the National Assembly of the Socialist Party and MP of this party in several parliamentary terms, has criticized the fact that the government has not admitted so far the existence of drug traffic through the use of planes. Bello considers the mockery, which according to him the prime minister, minister of Interior and Defense had done to the accusations of the opposition as a disgrace. “At last, we saw the capture of the first plane that comes to take drugs in Divjaka. A hard blow for those who mocked the mosquitoes of Divjaka. A real disgrace!!!”, says Bello.

Mr. Rama didn’t come out with an official declaration on this event. /ibna/