Dendias: We want Libya to be a modern democratic country

Dendias: We want Libya to be a modern democratic country

Nikos Dendias met with General Khalifa Haftar at the Foreign Ministry where they discussed the situation in Libya, the Berlin process and the next day in the country, according to a statement by the Greek Foreign Minister after the meeting.

Libyan National Army (LNA) leader Khalifa Haftar arrived late Thursday night in the Greek capital where he had a private meeting with the Greek Foreign Minister. On Friday, the Libyan leader had a formal meeting with Nikos Dendias and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

In his remarks after the meeting, Nikos Dendias noted that his meeting with General Haftar was lengthy and interesting, covering the situation in Libya, the Berlin process for finding a solution to the Libyan crisis and the following day in Libya and the area.

“For our part, we have encouraged the General to engage in a constructive spirit in the Berlin process and to try, within the framework of the Treaties, to achieve a ceasefire and restore security in Libya, the removal of mercenaries, recognition of the invalidity of the illegal memoranda between Turkey and the Sarraj government”, the Greek Foreign Minister said, adding that General Haftar agreed with all the remarks of the Greek side.

Nikos Dendias added that Greece is ready to help with the next day in Libya, either by participating in the forces needed to maintain the truce (note: international truce surveillance mechanism) or by the participation of Greek forces in the European operation of arms embargo and mercenary transport in Libya. These actions help to create a better reality in Libya and are a contribution to the future of the Libyan people and Libyan society”.

Dendias expressed Greece’s desire for Libya to be a modern democratic country, allowing its citizens to express their will and be part of the overall architecture of stability and security in the region.

Commenting on Greece’s non-participation in the Berlin Process, Nikos Dendias sent a message to the German Government, stressing that since we would not be there, we expect Germany, the host country, to become the guardian of the European position on its issues of Libya”.

He went on to recall that Europe has a clear position expressed by the last European Council. The Common European Position recognizes the nullity and non-existence of the memorandums signed by the Sarraj Government and Turkey, the Greek FM noted.

Concluding on the issue of Greece’s non-participation in the Berlin process, he noted that “we therefore expect, as Europeans from Germany, to impose and express the European position in the Berlin Process. We expect the same from other EU member states involved in this process”.

Asked by a journalist what will Greece do if the Greek objections are not included, the Greek Foreign Minister said that Greece wants to participate constructively in the Berlin process.

“We are trying our best to help this process. On the other hand, in this process, we try to help in our capacity not only as Greece but also as a European country”, Dendias explained.

“I don’t want to see things negatively in the form of a veto. I see them as an attempt of our common European position. Of course, if the common European position is not respected, then every European country has an obvious obligation to defend this position and Greece has taken a position on that, I think, clearly yesterday, through the Prime Minister, Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis, that it will defend the common European position”, Nikos Dendias concluded./ibna