Demographic Report 2016 for the Republic of Cyprus – CyStat

Demographic Report 2016 for the Republic of Cyprus – CyStat

The Statistical Service of Cyprus has published the “Demographic Report 2016”. The report gives, inter alia, an account of population developments and provides data on a time series basis on fertility, mortality, marriages, divorces and migration.

The most salient demographic developments during 2016 can be summarized as follows:

The population in the government controlled area is estimated at 854,8 thousand at the end of 2016 compared to 848,3 thousand in the previous year, recording an increase of 0,8%.

In 2016 the number of births totaled 9.455 compared to 9.170 in 2015. The total fertility rate, which gives the mean number of children per woman was estimated at 1,37 in 2016 and has, since 1995, remained below the replacement level of 2,10.

The number of deaths reached 5.471 in 2016 and the crude death rate 6,4 deaths per thousand population.

The expectation of life at birth is estimated at 80,3 years for males and 84,7 for females.

In 2016 the number of marriages increased to 13.558 from 13.006 in 2015. The marriages of residents of Cyprus totaled 6.375 in 2016, compared to 6.092 in 2015 (3.926 ecclesiastical marriages and 2.449 civil).

In 2016 the number of divorces reached 1.948 from 1.807 in 2015.

Net migration in Cyprus has been positive from 1983 to 2011. As from 2012 and up to 2015, net migration has been negative. In 2016, net migration was again positive, estimated at 2.499./IBNA