Opposition leader in Albania reacts following the arrest of several demonstrators by police

Opposition leader in Albania reacts following the arrest of several demonstrators by police

“Countdown for Edi Rama and his entourage has already started!”. This was declared on Sunday by the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha who reacted following the arrest of several demonstrators who participated in the opposition’s protest on March 16. According to the opposition leader, “no arrests and prosecutions can stop the Democratic Party and the people from fulfilling our mission to make Albania like the rest of Europe”. “The use of militants within the police force to attack ordinary people and political opponents is the most typical feature of this criminal regime. Edi Rama has come in power with the help of the criminal gangs”, he added. Meanwhile, according to him, “all criminal gangs, including the one ruling the country, will soon be brought to justice”. The democrat leader has also said that the opposition’s protests will continue.

“I and the Democratic Party are determined to defend the right of the citizens to protest. We earned this right after suffering for 46 years in a row from one of the bloodiest communist dictatorships in Europe!”, he commented.  Meanwhile, two days ago, united opposition held what it considered to be the biggest protest that was ever held.

This demonstration also saw clashes between protesters and riot police. On the other hand, police used teargas and water cannons to disperse the crowd which was in front of parliament. At the end of the protest, the democrat leader would declare that “the whole world saw the determination of a nation united for freedom, democracy and European values”. “By being united, Albanians will win!”, he appealed, implying that the opposition action will continue until the government is toppled.

Romanian MP

Caprar: Opposition should resume dialogue

Romanian MP, Dorel Caprar has expressed his concern yesterday about the political situation in Albania, in particular the opposition boycott ahead of a very important decision for the country, namely the country’s integration in the European Union. “As a true friend of Albania, I’m concerned about the political situation here. As member of the Romanian parliament, I’m very worried about the decision of the Democratic Party to boycott parliament during this very important moment for Albania’s integration in the European Union”, he said, adding that the agenda of the Romanian presidency of the EU Council includes the support that will be given for Albania’s accession in the EU. “I hope the opposition will reason and resume dialogue with the government in order to find the best possible solution for the country”, he added.

Police apprehend 14 opposition demonstrators 

33 opposition supporters have been indicted for their participation and involvement in the incidents taken place on Saturday’s rally in front of parliament. Meanwhile, 14 of them have been arrested for violent acts against constitutional institutions and police, but also for destruction of public property during the opposition’s protest. According to police, these indictments were made after examining CCTV footage and the evidence collected by investigators, adding that seven other people have been declared wanted. Meanwhile, police have also seized 130 firecrackers.