New Democracy: “Myths and illusions” cultivated by SYRIZA and ANEL

New Democracy: “Myths and illusions” cultivated by SYRIZA and ANEL

Athens, August 12, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

To the “myths and illusions” that Syriza and ANEL cultivated before and after the elections refers New Democracy in a written statement, on the occasion of the conclusion, as it says, of the third memorandum from the government.

The government appears triumphant about the conclusion of the 3rd Memorandum, while Alexis Tsipras in Real News on 03.29.2015 was saying that he is not discussing a third memorandum and that he understands that there are political forces who dream of returning to the memorandum, “but we will continue to letting them down”, the New Democracy notes in the announcement.

“And today ‘was itself (the government) disappointed’, since these myths and illusions collapsed”, says the main opposition party.

ND basically accuses Syriza and ANEL that in the pre-election and post-election period they cultivated the following “myths and illusions”:

– They argued that they would cancel the previous memorandums with one law and one article and today they propose a new memorandum which ND describes as the most painful of the three.

– They claimed that through recapitalisation, money are donated to the bankers and today they perceive that the recapitalisation is necessary to ensure the systemic stability of banks.

– They claimed that the debt is a disgrace and should be “mowed” and today they sign a commitment that the country will repay fully and on time its loan obligations and agrees not to have a “haircut” of the nominal value of the debt.

– They argued that the program of Thessaloniki is complete and costed with benefits of EUR 11 billion, while now they propose EUR 8 billion-worth of austerity measures just for the first two years “with new, additional taxes and pension cuts, both main and adjuvant”. ND blame on this the government that it baptises these measures “mild adjustment” and mentions several of them in detail noting who they burden.

– They claim that the country has no need for additional funding and “today” they celebrate “for the conclusion of a new loan and what’s more of EUR 86 billion”.

– They claimed that they would “demolish” the “toolkit” of OECD and today they commit to implement them and to “build” more.

ND indicates that all this is happening because in the meantime, with responsibility of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, the economy collapsed as it returned to recession and primary deficits, unemployment rises, spreads on Greek bonds soared to record levels, the arrears of the government to the private sector increased and the banking system was faced with huge risks that were inflated after the recent bank holiday and capital controls.

Furthermore, the main opposition party notes that the financing needs of the country have swelled and the sustainability of public debt has deteriorated dramatically, while it accuses the government that it celebrates the “Juncker package of 35 billion. Euro” but “hides that this is the success of the Samaras government in November 2014”.

Additionally, ND says that the government highlights as a communication countermeasure the initiatives to reduce the emoluments of political officials, “but forgets or ignores that one of the first initiatives the previous government was reductions in public expenditure for the functioning of the political system”.

“Instead of, therefore today the ANEL-SYRIZA government, being complacent about the conclusion of the third memorandum, which bears its exclusive mark, They must ask a big apology from the Greek people for the lies they have long been saying about the situation which brought the country and its economy today”, is the concluding comments of the main opposition party.