Democracy in FYROM is dropping, Freedom House says

Democracy in FYROM is dropping, Freedom House says

Skopje, 23 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

FYROM is one of the countries that continues to see a drop in the level of democracy, the same as a year ago.

This is underlined in the Freedom House report “Countries in transition”, published today.

FYROM is part of the group of countries with transitional and hybrid regimes, part of which are also Bosnia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Last year, FYROM saw a drop in this category.

“The presidential and early general elections of April 2014 were accompanied by pro government media and abuse with administrative means, leading to another long term boycott of parliament by the opposition”, the report says.

The report states that the government continued to implement a number of institutional reforms demanded by the European Union, but the worrying developments of the recent years have put a question mark to the commitment of the party in power toward political pluralism and democracy.

During 2014, civil society groups and spontaneous popular movements failed to convince the government to withdraw from the legislation that mines the independence of universities.  /ibna/