Demitras and Muslim visited Athens

Demitras and Muslim visited Athens

Ankara, February 17, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Manolis Kostidis

The president of the pro-Kurdish party in Turkey HDP Selahattin Demirtaş and the president of the political wing of the northern Syrian Kurds (PYD) Salih Müslim visited Athens to participate in the conference “The ideas of Abdullah Öcalan for the Middle East and the role of the Kurdish movement”.

The conference was organised by the “Kurdistan Cultural Center” and held at the Daily Newspaper of Athens Union of Journalists conference hall”.

Demirtaş claimed that “if Ocalan was out of prison, it would be possible to solve the Kurdish issue, there would have been peace and perhaps would have prevented the chaos currently prevailing in Syria. Both Europe and Turkey did not understand Ocalan. When he came to Europe 17 years ago, if governments had  the courage, if they had the foresight, if they had they not succumbed to pressure, if they had understood who their visitor was and had understood his historical ideas, maybe today refugees would not die at the Aegean”.

The president of the HDP in his speech also accused Europe of “can not find solutions. The Europeans cannot see the measures that must be taken. It’s like Europe’s brain has been blocked.

Regarding the impression that prevails for the leader of the PKK Abdullah Öcalan in Turkey, Demirtaş said that “there are two views in Turkey for him. There is a view that considers him a baby murderer and terrorist, and others who consider him a leader, philosopher and savior”. Demirtaş claimed that despite being in prison on the island of Imrali,  Öcalan managed to find many solutions for the Middle East, but stressed however, that “they fear Öcalan. As they fear not only his ideas but also his power which can make them a reality. He is not a random person. He is a subversive leader who has been behind him millions of people who can implement his ideas”.

The president of the HDP strongly criticised the ruling AKP party and claimed that “the AKP sees Öcalan as an ideological threat. A government which is dogmatic, is in favour of one sex, neocapitalist, how can it not be afraid of a radical leader”.

Demirtaş accused the Turkish government of helping the leaders of the Islamic State and al Qaeda. “The commanders of ISIS and al Qaeda have not undergone the same treatment as Mr Öcalan. When they sustain injuries they are hospitalized in Turkey. Unfortunately in Turkey the ISIS mentality is still not seen as a threat that would cause fears.

He also referred to the issue of women’s freedom in the Middle East and stated that “in the Middle East there are two different fronts on the issue of freedom of women. The one is the ISIS mentality that sees the woman as a slave that can be sold at the bazaars, which considers woman to have less value than an animal or a plant, and believes that it can abuse her and this is not something that only ISIS does. And on the other side, as was the case in Rojava, in Kobani there is the figure of the woman who fights in the forefront alongside the men, under the leadership of the PYD and YPG.

A new political line is needed. It can be formed by those who resist those who are oppressed. In this respect, we considered the SYRIZA government in Greece a stroke of good luck. In Athens we had contacts with the party and with Prime Minister Tsipras and we thank them for their interest, their support. Europe’s oppressed must have solidarity.

Salih Muslim said that “once we Kurds said that our own friends are the mountains. Today we have many friends in the world. Today the ideology of Öcalan is applied in Rojava. Those who resist there are students of Öcalan. Our leader has passed his ideology to our people who is free. Victory is ours. We will win”.