Demarcation is in line with Brussels, says Kosovo’s PM

Demarcation is in line with Brussels, says Kosovo’s PM

Pristina, 8 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa has declared that the issue of the border demarcation will be processed by parliament as it was foreseen, not mentioning any specific dates.

Asked about the demands of the European Union for demarcation to be approved before the holidays, he said that procedures will take place based on the EU’s requests.

Meanwhile, LDK’s MP, Shpetim Bulliqi has submitted a request with 20 signatures from MPs for a round table under the auspices of the speaker of Parliament in relation to the issue of border demarcation with Montenegro.

Bulliqi is happy with the response of the MPs in relation to this request. Meanwhile, according to the opposition, this process must go back to point zero, while those who monitor the work of parliament say that all political agendas regarding this process must be set aside.

Meanwhile, PDK lawmaker, Zenun Pajaziti demands political maturity in handling the agreement for the border demarcation with Montenegro.

“I would want this agreement not to come to parliament, but if it comes and the European Commission insists, then we must weigh things as opposed to the direct interest of our citizens”, Pajaziti said.

Meanwhile, Self Determination, which is the only opposition party that participates in parliament, says that such agreement which damages Kosovo, must not be discussed.

The ratification of the agreement for the demarcation with Montenegro has been set as a condition by the European Union for the liberalization of visas with Kosovo. /