Defeat in the election, resignation of PDSH leader demanded

Defeat in the election, resignation of PDSH leader demanded

Skopje, June 2, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Mayor of Struga and senior official of the Albanian Democratic Party (PDSH), Ziadin Sela has demanded the resignation of the leader of this party, Menduh Thaci, following the defeat in the April 27 elections.

Sela told IBNA that PDSH demands a new leadership, because the current one has been losing elections for 10 years in a row against the Albanian party, BDI (Democratic Union for Integration).

“Political generations must evolve like human generations. It’s absurd to lose elections for 10 years in a row and continue to be the head of opposition”, declared for IBNA the mayor of Struga.

Ahead of the elections, Sela was removed from the party’s leadership, following his objection about the list of MPs and his disputes with Thaci. But, Sela doesn’t agree with the party’s decision. He says that an urgent party congress should be held in order to assess the result of the loss in the election and the change of the party leadership.

Ziadin Sela says that there’s only one way for the country to survive as a state. According to him, the solution is for Albanians to enjoy equal rights and to be decision makers like Macedonians.

“Given its ethnic composition, Macedonia has several choices: If it wants to function as a multi-ethnic state, it must have a consensual democracy, in the form of the parliament with two chambers that PDSH has offered in the new political Agreement. If this is refused, then there’s the second form, autonomy within a federal state. If this is refused, there’s the possibility of a confederation and if this doesn’t work out either, then the division is the other option”, says Sela. /ibna/