Decriminalization of the political arena in Kosovo

Decriminalization of the political arena in Kosovo

Pristina, 28 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

High level corruption and white collar criminality continues to be present in Kosovo.

Attorney General, AleksanderLumezi says that there are over 33 cases of corruption and high level of organized crime, including ministerial levels, which are being investigated by the Attorney General.

He says that in some cases, charges have been made for ministers and senior state officials.

“We are handling 33 cases of corruption and high level organized crime and we have pressed charges in 19 cases. We believe that all cases are high profile, including ministers and senior state officials. We are now expecting from the court to handle these cases with priority”, he said.

Minister of Justice, Dhurata Hoxha says that she will be highly engaged in order for everyone, including politicians, to be equal in front of the law.

“I shall be engaged for the reformation of the legislation in power, based on the principle that nobody should be above the law and there will be no double standards”, she says.

Meanwhile, experts of political developments say that under these circumstances, decriminalization of the political arena in Kosovo is necessary.

Law professor, FatosRushiti told IBNA that the only way to cut the ties of the political class with organized crime is to decriminalize politics through a special bill.

“A new phase of general decriminalization, as it is the case in neighboring countries, is the only hope for Kosovo to have a better future and a European perspective”, he says.

According to him, the political links with criminal oligarchy show that the current government is not being able to create a proper state based on the rule of law.

“In several cases, the government of Kosovo has ignored the Constitution and other important acts. This mainly has to do with the fight of corruption and organized crime, where competent institutions have shown no efficiency”, he says. /