Decision of RS Assembly: Consul General Pećanac Will Not Be Recalled

Decision of RS Assembly: Consul General Pećanac Will Not Be Recalled


By Maja Tuljkovic – Sarajevo

The Consul General of B&H in the USA, BrankoPećanac, organized, on January 9 in Chicago, a celebration to mark RepublikaSrpska (RS) Day, during which diplomats who represent the state of B&H, mentioned the names of people who have been accused and convicted of genocide. The recording of this celebration was shown by TV1 from Sarajevo, which shows the Consul welcoming his comrades who built the RS. Pećanac caused a scandal with this, and after the clip was shown there were a number of reactions from intellectuals and associations from the FB&H and they condemned this act. Then the reaction of the state was awaited.

At an extraordinary session of the B&H Presidency, which was held after the event, member of the B&H Presidency BakirIzetbegović asked for the dismissal of the Consul General BrankoPećanac. B&H Presidency Member Izetbegović said that because of his inappropriate public statements, which are grossly offensive to many citizens of B&H, Pećanac is unworthy to continue to perform his duty. Also, he recalled that the Consul General, as well as ambassadors and all international representatives of B&H, answer to the B&H Presidency.

Chairman of the B&H Presidency ŽeljkoKomšić voted for the dismissal of the Consul General, as well as Presidency Member BakirIzetbegović. However, member of B&H Presidency NebojšaRadmanović voted against dismissing the Consul General. B&H Presidency Member Radmanović pointed out that if there is no agreement at the next session, that he would seek for the protection of vital national interest of the RS, for which Consul General BrankoPećanac did during the celebration of RS Day on 9 January, and it is ‘’not by any means debatable’’ and that he would have upheld the words spoken by Consul General Pećanac.

However, the B&H Presidency, at its 63rd extraordinary session, considered and adopted the recall of the Consul General of B&H in the USA BrankoPećanac. The B&H Presidency did not reach a consensus. There were two votes for (Chairman of B&H Presidency ŽeljkoKomšić and member of B&H Presidency BakirIzetbegović) and one vote against (member of B&H Presidency from the RS NebojšaRadmanović), and with this

So last night, the RS National Assembly adopted a decision with more than a two-thirds majority on the confirmation of the statements made by member of the B&H Presidency NebojšaRadmanović, for which the decision on the withdrawal from office of the Consul General of B&H in the USA BrankoPećanac is destructive for the vital interest of the RS.

In this document, it is stated that ‘it is obligatory to refrain from statements that have a nationalistic character, as well as those that are recognizable to belong to only one people and one entity’.

With this decision, the dismissal of Pećanac will not enter into force.

Because of this decision, in Chicago a conference will be held dedicated to the issue of ethno-nationalism and the denial of genocide in B&H on 27 February, and on the same day a peaceful demonstration will be held in front of the B&H Consulate General in Chicago, where the resignation of the Consul BrankoPećanac will be demanded, as well as the Counselor of the Embassy of B&H in Washington MarinkoAvramović.

The question is asked how these events contribute to lowering the reputation of the state of B&H in the world, whether and how much this weakens its political, economic, cultural and scientific power, as well as the importance of the idea of B&H and the Bosnian spirit. B&H needs leaders who will fight for national diplomacy and that would be exclusively in the interest of the state.