Decision on Haradinaj to be taken on 2 March

Decision on Haradinaj to be taken on 2 March

Court of Appeal of Colmar in France has postponed today the decision for the release or extradition of Ramush Haradinaj to Serbia.

After the court session, Haradinaj said that the decision is expected to be taken on 2 March.

“The court has not taken a decision today. The decision will be given on 2 March. The motion for extradition by Serbia is an abuse”, said Haradinaj, leader of AAK.

Haradinaj was stopped by French authorities on 4 January following an arrest warrant issued by Serbia through Interpol.

The former commander of Kosovo Liberation Army and former PM and current leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, was acquitted in 2012 of all charges of war crimes by an International Court for War Crimes in former Yugoslavia.

This ruling was issued four years after the same court acquitted him of all accusations for violation of war laws. /