Debates in Skopje about the elections

Debates in Skopje about the elections

Skopje, 6 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The majority of political affairs experts have backed the decision to hold elections, as according to them, the elections prevent a deep political crisis and destabilization of the country.  The same signals are also being issued by Brussels and Washington, that no time should be wasted and that the political process must not be blocked until the elections are held on 11 December.

Political analyst, Mersel Bilalli told that the international community has made it clear that no time should be wasted and that the elections must be held on time, as the country would enter an irreversible crisis.

“First of all, the elections must be held. The international community is fed up with the problems of Macedonia and the lack of responsibility by structures that are managing the state. Secondly, even if the provisions of the last agreement are not delivered, the elections must not be postponed”, Bilalli said.

Political analyst, Saso Ordanovski says that he is not expecting fair and democratic elections, but according to him, they must be held because citizens are fed up.

“Macedonia is a non democratic country and there cannot be fair and democratic elections. Besides this, politicians are very tired and it is clear that if the crisis continues, it will be very serious”, Ordanovski says.

But, according to him, the political class in the country cannot escape to the reforms, which are necessary for the European Atlantic integration of the country.

The citizens too believe that the elections are necessary, because the country has come to a halt and there is no perspective.

“Elections must be held, because we have come to a gridlock. There is no perspective. We are seeing how several foreign companies are moving abroad. There are no new jobs and the situation is becoming worst”, says Dragan L from Skopje.

The new early elections will be held on 11 December, once the Przino agreement is delivered. /