Debates and reactions continue in FYROM about the eavesdropping affair

Debates and reactions continue in FYROM about the eavesdropping affair

IBNA Special Report

Skopje, February 11, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Reactions continue in FYR Macedonia in relation to the eavesdropping on citizens and public personalities, including opposition leaders, ministers, journalists, business people, religious clerics and other personalities.

International community, political parties, NGOs and citizens demand explanations over the affair that was made public by the opposition leader, Zoran Zaev.

EU office to Skopje has expressed its concern about the content of the published materials and it has stressed that it based its concern on the declaration issued by the spokeswoman of the EU head of diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, Maja Kocijancic.

“We have no comments on the content of the published materials, but we have expressed our concern about the developments in the country and the impact of these developments in the general political climate. It’s time for political actors to show that they are responsible and for them to engage in a constructive dialogue for the strategic priorities of the country and the citizens”, declared Kocijancic in the regular briefing with journalists in Brussels. She underlined that the EU insists for the freedom of speech to be respected and for investigations to be conducted with transparency and in compliance with European and international standards.

Political parties have also reacted on the affair. National Democratic Renaissance (RDK), the former leader of which has been subject to eavesdropping, has demanded from the Macedonian opposition to continue with the publication of materials that it possesses. “It’s mad to eavesdrop on over 20 thousand people”, says the current leader of RDK, Vesel Memedi.

Democratic League (LD), which is part of the governing coalition has asked for a public investigation, independent, transparent and conducted by experts. “ We call upon the Public Prosecutor to appoint a special team which will work in order to verify all information”, declared the leader of LD, Pavle Trajanov.

The general attorney of the country, Marko Zvelevski declared yesterday that the prosecution must act, although the materials have not yet been submitted to the prosecution by the opposition, which has pressed criminal charges against the head of secret services, Saso Mijalkov and two employees at the Directorate of Security and Counterintelligence.

The Ombudsman, Ixhet Memeti has also reacted on this affair, by stressing that this consists of a serious breach of human rights. “ I call on all sides not joke on this serious matter. As an institution, we’re worried about these registrations and we condemn these acts that breach human rights and liberties”, declared Ixhet Memeti.

The citizens also express their concern about the materials made public by the opposition.

Skender L, activist in an NGO says that these registrations show that a totalitarian state rules in FYROM, where everyone is being watched. “We’re worried about what’s happening and about the fact that the country is heading to a deep political crisis, which may also have an impact in the economic plan and rise of insecurity. We appeal for this case to be clarified immediately and for the people responsible for this to be brought before justice. Otherwise, people will lose faith on institutions”, says Skender L.

Citizens express their reaction in social network by commenting the affair.

Macedonian opposition led by Zoran Zaev is expected to continue and publish documents and registered materials that relate to different political and public personalities. The publication of these materials has caused tension in the political scene of the country. The opposition has stressed that the materials have been secured by responsible citizens of the country, while the Ministry of Interior says that they have been secured by Secret Services. /ibna/