Debates between Pristina and Belgrade at the UNO: Nikolic victimizes Serbs, Jahjaga reacts

Debates between Pristina and Belgrade at the UNO: Nikolic victimizes Serbs, Jahjaga reacts

IBNA Special Report

New York, May 28, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The ordinary meeting on the situation in Kosovo was held last evening at the United Nations Security Council. This meeting discussed the report of the Secretary General of UNO, Bank Ki-Moon, over the developments in Kosovo from January to April of this year.

Special representative of UNMIK in Kosovo, Farid Zarif declared in the opening speech at the Security Council that as soon as early parliamentary elections in Kosovo end and as soon as the new institutions are created, talks should resume between Pristina and Belgrade. He said that this mustl be done without any further delays. He said that work should immediately start for the implementation of the Association of Serb Communes in Mitrovica.

Zarif said that the Security Council will assist the European Commission in order to have a big turnout of Serb voters in the June 8 elections.

He also talked about the agreements between Serbia and Kosovo. Zarif said that parties have harmonized their differences, especially as far as the judiciary body in the north of Kosovo is concerned.

Among others, Zarif also mentioned the escape of the three defendants, part of the “Drenica Group”, who didn’t show up in the trial in the north of the country. He admitted that once an arrest warrant was issued against them, they showed up the following day.

Zarif also said that the participation of several Albanians in foreign conflicts must be condemned, while stressing that the case of a fatal attack carried out by a 22 year old man is alarming, encouraging Kosovo authorities to strengthen the measures in order to prevent such cases.

Meanwhile, in his speech in front of UN Security Council, Serb president Tomislav Nikolic declared that explanations must be given as to why the candidate for Northern Mitrovica, Oliver Ivanovic was arrested a little before the local government elections in the north.

“Serbs are victims of Albanians”, said Nikolic. He also mentioned the unrest taken place several years ago, stressing that the authors of that particular incident have not yet been caught.

Nikolic also mentioned the fact that thousands of Serbs have been displaced from Kosovo to Serbia during the 1999 bombardements. He demanded assistance to repair its infrastructure destroyed by bombardments.

As far as Kosovo Armed Forces are concerned, Nikolic said that “these are people, members of KLA, who are accused of crimes against Serbs and who based on Dick Marty’s report, they have trafficked Serb human organs”.

President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga participated for the first time at the Security Council meeting in New York.

She said that Kosovo will be committed in building up good relations with its neighbors.

“The progress achieved so far must and has been preserved through our engagement in securing a prosperous future. We must solidify Kosovo’s achievements. We demand your help and your instructions. Kosovo is our joint success”, said Jahjaga.

The president has also responded to Mr. Nikolic about the situation of Serbs in Kosovo, stressing that it’s the Serbs who are blocking themselves and not the institutions of the country.

“Serbs in the north continue with blockades, barricades, attacks, even against EULEX. In fact, they’re blocking themselves. Kosovo is trying to open a new chapter, where every citizen enjoys equality and lives free and in peace”, she said.

As far as missing people are concerned, president Jahjaga says that the Serb state continues not to reveal information over the disappearance of over 1700 Albanian civilians who were abducted by Serb forces in Kosovo.

Jahjaga’s speech was followed by the Russian ambassador at the Security Council, Vitaly Churkin, who expressed the condolences of his state for the victims of the floods in Serbia. He also talked about Kosovo’s Security Forces (FSK).

“FSK is counter productive”, declared Churkin, demanding an extension of EULEX mandate.

The Russian ambassador mentioned the participation of Albanians in Syria, saying that Russia wants these activities to come to an end once and for all. “We support Serbia’s constitution and Resolution 1244”, said the Russian ambassador, saying that his country doesn’t change its positioning on Kosovo. /ibna/