Debates on the idea for territorial exchanges between Kosovo and Serbia

Debates on the idea for territorial exchanges between Kosovo and Serbia

The bishop of the Serb Orthodox Church in Kosovo, Teodosije has expressed his concern about the so called irresponsible political declarations made by politicians regarding the solution of the issue of Kosovo through the division of territories and by establishing a border between Serbs and Albanians.

According to him, these declarations encourage a situation of insecurity. Meanwhile, the Serb bishop raises a question: does this mean that the majority of Serbs who live in the southern part of Iber River (which marks the division line between the north of Mitrovica, which is inhabited by Serbs and the south, which is inhabited by Albanians) to leave their homes and abandon their holy places such as the patriarchate of Pec, Gracaniza and Prizren?

According to the bishop’s letter, such principle has caused suffering for many innocent people during the wars in former Yugoslavia and is a threat on peace and stability in the Western Balkans.

In response to the bishop’s letter, the Serb president said that “if the issue of Kosovo is not resolved”, Serbia may lose everything.

“Perhaps this is better than nothing”, he told media in Belgrade, stressing that “although the church does not want ethnic borders, this so called state of Kosovo should pay 650 thousand euros to the church.”

A part of politicians in Serbia say that the solution may come by dividing Kosovo and giving the north to Serbia. Pristina says that the final agreement that will be reached between the two countries, should include mutual recognition and Kosovo’s accession in the UN, rejecting all ideas for divisions.

Journalist Mentor Shala says that the division of Kosovo would lead to another bloody conflict in the Balkans.

According to him, the division of Kosovo would spark conflicts between Albanians and Macedonians and other wars in Bosnia and Presevo Valley.

“This is the objective of Serbia and Russia. They want to start another war in the Balkans! The USA should never allow this to happen”, he says. /ibna/