Debates on constitutional amendments, Zaev open to suggestions

Debates on constitutional amendments, Zaev open to suggestions

The public debate regarding constitutional amendments in FYROM has started. PM Zoran Zaev declared that he’s open to any suggestion which would improve the draft amendments, however, everything should stick to the principles of the Prespes agreement.

Zaev said that he hopes that this issue will be finalized.

“We have reiterated and we will continue to reiterate the importance, the courage and the fact that MPs should be aware of this historical opportunity”, Zaev said.

According to him, all citizens should be involved in the debate in order to help the country to move forward in its NATO and EU integration path.

Professor Lubomir Frckoski said that the draft amendments do not threaten the statehood and that they’re acceptable in terms of the identity issue. Professor Vlado Popovski recommends that the preamble should treat Albanians as citizens who have contributed for the foundation of the state and not as a separate ethnic group.

Professor Blerim Reka has raised doubts about the threats faced by the process in case the MPs who have been expelled from VMRO-DPMNE are not pardoned through an amnesty.

The debate about the constitutional amendments continues, while the Prespes agreement is expected to be finalized in Parliament by January 20. If this agreement is finalized, then the country will change its name to “Republic of North Macedonia”. /ibna/