Debates in the Albanian parliament about minorities

Debates in the Albanian parliament about minorities
Parliament in Albania has held debates today in relation to the so called “Himara” case. The debates were heated, in particular between Prime Minister Edi Rama and the chairman of the Unity for Human Rights Party, Vangjel Dule.

“A friend of mine, who is a journalist, had described you as a gloomy man, who will bring political and institutional gloominess. But this man didn’t only turn out to be gloomy, but he brought cannabis all over the country, he brought crime and criminalized the government”, Dule addressed to the head of the government.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister replied by saying that: “I spoke about an issue which concerns this country, this nation and our aspirations. I don’t do business with the issues concerning minorities or any other issues for that matter”, he said, referring to the Greek minority.

To clarify the much debated events of Himara, Rama said that an urbanization project is taking place in Himara, which will see the improvement of the main square, the municipality and the coastline. /

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