Debates on drug traffic dominate Albanian politics

Debates on drug traffic dominate Albanian politics

IBNA Special Report

By Edison Kurani

The plane that fell a few days ago in the coastal area of Divjaka in Albania, can be considered as the “bomb” that hit the Albanian politics.

Since that day, accusations and counter accusations launched by political sides have not stopped, turning drug traffic into the main topic of political and state debate.

Prime minister Edi Rama warns that the fact that the suspected narcotic affair is being trumpeted so much, may risk Albania’s candidate status to be refused for the fifth time by the European Union.

Prime minister: Opposition is damaging integrating efforts

Rama accuses the opposition that it’s working to aggravate the situation in front of the government efforts to improve the damaged image of the country. “These positive hours for Albania in its integrating efforts are being made difficult hours at a time when Europe is gradually seeing Albania in a positive way”, says Rama. He accuses the opposition of “investing all its energies” into damaging the efforts of the country for integration.

“They want to prove that the people made a mistake on June 23, they want to prove that all the bad things for Albania started after the June elections and in September, when the new government took office, problems with crime, corruption, administration, explosives and narcotics started”.

Rama looks like he doesn’t want to tolerate any longer the endless accusations which are being launched by the opposition. Such phenomenon was exploited a lot by the current prime minister when he was in opposition.

Documents that suggest drug trafficking by the Albanian army are made public

Rama warns that a new “working site” is opening, reform in the justice system. He says that the justice system doesn’t take the ongoing accusations seriously. “The problem of our country today in relation to the world is how to convince the latter that Albania doesn’t only have faults, but also guilty ones; it doesn’t only have accusations among politicians, but also politicians accused by the prosecution; it doesn’t only have public trials to criminalize opponents in every podium, but it also has opponents, regardless of the color, who have been publicly tried by courts; it doesn’t only have parties and governments, but it also has independent justice institutions, which react when such disgusting accusations are launched”.

Rama says that the justice system is nearing: “The punishment of the untouchables is the European standard that we’re lacking”. He gave assurances that the “hand of the justice system will no longer be stopped in front of untouchables who may be politicians or members of the judiciary system”.

Denouncements for international drug traffic by planes verified, no resignations

Opposition: Edi Rama, go home

In front of the declarations launched by Rama is the opposition, “reinforced” by its leader, Lulzim Basha and former prime minister Sali Berisha.

Basha held a meeting today with opposition ally parties. He warned that a massive protest will be held on Friday in front of the government building with the motto “Edi Rama, go home”. Basha says that the opposition is determined in its request for the resignation of the prime minister. “With all the ally parties, we have concluded in the institutionalization of an alliance against drugs, which will lead the protests of the people”. Referring to the case of the airplane that attempted to transport 500 kg of marijuana to Italy, Basha said that “Rama is the number one responsible for the unprecedented situation with the drug traffic”.

The leader of opposition says that the amount of drug that is being discovered in Albania and the neighboring countries, has significantly increased. He says that this situation requires immediate reflection and responsibilities from the prime minister: “But, in front of this situation, there’s no reflection or assumption of responsibility. Rama spends time and energy as a prime minister by accusing the opposition, instead of engaging in the fight against drugs. Therefore, Albanians, regardless of their political convictions, must join the National Alliance Against Drugs in a protest to say no to the drug cartel and to hold the responsible one responsible: Edi Rama, go home”.

Albanian opposition requests the resignation of the PM, it says ‘no’ to fresh elections

Rama’s ally: The case is being investigated

Speaker of parliament, Ilir Meta has shown composure in the debate on the traffic of drugs. Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) that he leads, has not been involved in the clashes between DP and SP. Only today Mr. Meta has spoken about the suspected drug traffic. He briefly said that “this is an issue with which justice institutions are dealing”.

Opposition in parliament demands an inquiry committee

Head of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party, Edi Paloka demanded on Tuesday for parliament to appoint an inquiry committee on the traffic of drugs. This request was refused last week. Even today, it received the same response.

Majority MPs say that DP calls for a protest reflect the crisis that it’s going through.

Socialist MP, Besnik Bare says that the protest of the opposition is the wrong step. He calls for people not to join such calls. Bare said that the opposition is lying. “The motto of the opposition is ‘lie, because something will remain’. Defamation has always been their motto, while fight against crime and corruption is and will remain the motto of each one of us”, says Bare.

While politics continues to “sail” in the steams of strong debates between political rivals, citizens expect from both sides to improve their quality of life.

People expect the majority to hold the big electoral promises. After nine months in government, very little has been done from what was promised.

Meanwhile, people expect the opposition to be as opposing as possible against the government and hold it accountable, by not forgetting the fact that the electorate is not static. It can change. /ibna/

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