Debates and concerns in FYR Macedonia for the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons

Debates and concerns in FYR Macedonia for the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons

Skopje, November 13, 2013

In the former Republic of Macedonia, debates are taking place in relation to the imminent destruction of Syrian chemical weapons in Albania. Media continue report about this subject, considering it as very dangerous for the country itself.

The daily “Dnevnik” says that the destruction will take place only 60 km away from the border with Albania. Experts of chemical issues are concerned as to whether the process can meet all the criteria for the destruction.

Other media also report about the imminent danger to the country from the winds that can carry the chemical residues.

Institute of Chemisty at the Faculty of Mathematics and Nature in Skopje says that the process must be 100% safe, because there can be a danger not only for Albania, but also for neighboring countries.

This, due to the fact that FYR Macedonia is the neighboring country and the destruction plant is located in Elbasan, near the border.

University expert on chemical issues, Vladimir Petrushevski says that the destruction of these weapons in Albania will not be a good thing, because the volume in question consists of 1300 tons of chemical weapons.

“This process of destruction requires strict control conditions and I don’t know if Albania meets these conditions”, says Mr. Petrushevski from the Institute of Chemistry in Skopje.

According to Macedonian experts, Albania has a plant for the destruction of chemical weapons built through an American investment amounting to 45 million USD.

According to them, the process of destruction must be carried out by American specialists accompanied by Albanian specialists.

“Nobody wants these weapons to be destroyed in their home, but I can imagine that this service will be well paid and this is the motive why Albania is accepting this process”, says Petrushevski.

People in the country are worried that the destruction of these chemical weapons in Albania may pose a danger even for the environment in FYROM. “From what I’ve heard and read, the danger will be brought to use through the wind. Our country must react if we’re in front of a danger and organizations for the protection of environment must be alarmed”, said Blerim Selami from Skopje.

So far there hasn’t been any comment from official authorities in Skopje, stressing that they’re waiting for the final decision as to whether this process will take place in Albania. /ibna/