Debate on the border deal with Montenegro resurfaces in Kosovo

Debate on the border deal with Montenegro resurfaces in Kosovo

Institutions of Kosovo are aware of the fact that Kosovo cannot be granted the visa free regime if it doesn’t deliver the necessary requirements for this process, but Kosovo is making progress. This was declared on Saturday by Kosovo’s PM, Ramush Haradinaj.

Haradinaj said that the border demarcation with Montenegro, which has been imposed as a condition by the EU, may end up in the Court of Arbitrage, as, according to him, Parliament of Kosovo doesn’t have the necessary votes to ratify the current agreement.

Meanwhile, analysts in Pristina say that the Arbitrage Court may be a solution if an agreement is found with Montenegro about this.

“The solution of this contest in the Arbitrage Court must be accepted as a solution by Montenegro. So far, the neighboring country has rejected this process. Under these circumstances, I don’t think that PM Haradinaj’s idea will be a successful one”, says Vilhard Shala, expert of international relations.

Meanwhile, President of Kosovo, Hashim thaci, is using a very strong language against the European Union and the process for the liberalization of the visa regime. Thaci said that it’s unfair what the EU has done by imposing the demarcation of the border with Montenegro as a condition for Kosovo’s liberalization of the visa regime.

Meanwhile, officials from the government of Kosovo say that the State Commission in charge of the delimitation of the border is working intensively by examining a number of documents relating to this process, but the commission is yet to submit a report to the government. /