“Dealers” participates in the “MOT” theater festival in Skopje

“Dealers” participates in the “MOT” theater festival in Skopje

Pristina, September 16, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The play “Dealers” produced by the Kosovar director, Bekim Lumi, is a production of the Laboratory Theater “Game” and it will participate in the 39th edition of the “MOT” International Theater Festival, which will be held from 19 to 26 September in Skopje, FYROM.

Casting in this play are actors: Bujar Ahmeti, Ermal Sadiku, Faris Berisha and Shaban Behramaj.

“MOT” festival is an international festival with a long 40 year experience, which presents and promotes theater performances, which with their content, ideas and contemporary character, bring novelties to the domain of theater.

Director Lumi said that the participation of ‘Dealers” in this festival is part of the constant engagement and efforts for a larger participation of the plays produced by the Laboratory Theater “Game” in the international events.

“In this festival, we represent the theater of Kosovo. Besides others, our participation in this festival expresses the high artistic quality of the play “Dealers” and the values and universal standards that the Laboratory Theater “Game” identifies itself”, said Lumi.

This is the 39th edition of this festival, which sees the participation of artists and theaters from different countries of the world such as United Kingdom, Belgium, USA, Italy, Kosovo, Croatia, FYROM, Mexico and Slovenia. In this festival, Kosovo is represented with the play “Dealers”, which will be shown on September 22, at 10 pm in one of the theater stages of the festival.

“Dealers” is an experimental theater play based on the text “In the loneliness of the cotton fields” of the prominent contemporary French author, Bernard-Marie Koltes. Based on one of the most beautiful and most poetic texts not only of this artist, but of the world drama of the 20th century, this play is an experimental creation, which reflects the phenomenon of bipolarity between the merchant and the buyer. /ibna/