The deadlock in the negotiations for the solution of the crisis

The deadlock in the negotiations for the solution of the crisis

Skopje, 18 June 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Political dialogue in FYR Macedonia has come to a gridlock following the failure in the last talks held in Brussels on 10 June, with the brokerage of Euro Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn.

In a statement issued last week, the European Union said that it will be expecting incentives from domestic political players in Skopje to continue the talks for the solution of the political crisis.

In an interview given last night, the president of the country, George Ivanov declared that he’s ready to host a meeting between political leaders and further discuss with them a solution to the crisis.

“I’m happy to negotiate at any moment. My cabinet is ready and political leaders can come forward at any moment to continue negotiations”, declared president Ivanov.

No political parties has launched an incentive to decide for a new date for the talks, although all sides claim that they are ready to participate in the negotiations.

The leader of the largest opposition party SDSM (Macedonian Social Democratic Union), Zoran Zaev, declared that if the other sides are not ready to call the negotiations, then he will do this.

“I’m waiting to see some incentive in the coming days. If there isn’t any, then I will call a meeting of political leaders to continue the negotiations. Everything is open”, Zaev declared.

Sources within the Macedonian opposition declared that US ambassador, Jess Baily and that of the EU, Aivo Orav are holding meetings with the main political leaders to continue political dialogue. Signals for the solution of the political crisis have also been issued by the US administration for the involvement in the process of negotiations of the US senior official, Victoria Nuland, who will soon visit Skopje.

Opposition warns a radicalization of measures for Gruevski’s resignation

Macedonian opposition which has set camp for a month now in front of the government building to demand the resignation of PM Nikola Gruevski, has warned radical measures for his resignation.

Its leader, Zaev declared that he will give a chance to the talks until the end of the month. “If there’s no solution on the table, I will demand Gruevski’s resignation and the creation of an interim government through our democratic forms”, Zaev said in front his supporters.

Other opposition parties have also backed Zaev’s demands. Liberal Democratic Party appealed for Gruevski and his cabinet to step down and give way to the solution of the crisis.

“We propose the creation of a technical government or an interim one, which would restore trust in institutions. Gruevski and the representatives of VMRO and BDI must not be part of this interim government”, PLD said.

Another opposition party “United for Macedonia” has stressed that it supports the demands of the largest opposition party SDSM. “We fully support the requests of SDSM for the creation of an interim government without Gruevski in it. This is the only way to take the country out of the totalitarian system which has been installed by Gruevski’s VMRO-DPMNE”, this party says.

Political analysts: There can be no negotiations with ultimatums

Political analysts say that there can be no successful negotiations in case the sides issue ultimatums without making concessions or compromises.

Political analyst and former diplomat, Dimitar Mirceb told IBNA that the negotiations are failing due to the lack of will and the ultimatums issued by the sides.

“We all know that if there are ultimatums, there can be no negotiations. I believe that there was a situation with demands that none of the sides was willing to accept. For many years, the opposition has not been producing a program or offer and the elections cannot be won just by launching slogans of freedom, democracy and justice”, Mircev declared.

Bojan Marcic from the Macedonian Center for European Education says that hopes for the solution of the crisis must not be lost, as the conditions for a sustainable solution are not ready yet.

“The European Commission must put pressure on Gruevski, because there cannot be a solution while the government is led by Gruevski. EC must realize that Gruevski doesn’t have the necessary credibility to lead an interim government. Such act would help in the solution of the political crisis. But if this doesn’t happen, then I don’t expect any progress to be made, because the government, which doesn’t intend to leave, is the source of the crisis”, Maricic declared. /ibna/