Two dead during riots in Turkey

Two dead during riots in Turkey


Erdogan calls the demonstrators “fakes”.

By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

Two dead and three injured is the tragic account of the episodes that took place in Turkey during the riots. It all started on the sidelines of the demonstrations for the death of 15-year-old Berkin, who died after being in a comma for 269 days, caused by a head injury from a police tear-gas canister, with Erdogan calling the demonstrators “fakes”.

A police officer lost his life in Tunceli, a town in eastern Turkey, while on duty from a cardiac arrest. Demonstrators state that a few minutes earlier there had been an extensive use of tear-gas.

In Istanbul a 22-yeat-old died from a bullet during a battle between Erdogan’s supporters and the protesters. It has not yet been made clear who was the one who shot him.

On Wednesday night major demonstrations took place in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. The police completely blockaded Taksim Square. According to the police 116 people were arrested.

“The government fears that if the demonstrators arrive in Taksim Square, it could be turned into Tahrir Square. They are also afraid of what happened in Kiev”, reports the political analyst of the television network CNN Türk, Hakan Celik.

Erdogan: “The demonstrators are fakes”

Erdogan might be afraid of the protesters, but he continues to create tension by provoking them. In a electoral gathering in Ankara he stated: “These people are fakes. They have nothing to do with democracy or freedom. They foresee the result of the elections and think, ‘Can we get results through chaos?”‘

“They say lets cause chaos and we might get a result, but my brothers here in Ankara and in the rest of Turkey will give them the appropriate answer on March 30”, Erdogan said referring to the coming elections.

The Erdogan government is trying to present the protests as part of a plan by the order of Fethullah Gulen, which is behind the kickback scandal involving four of the government’s ministers and the prime minister’s family.

The president of the Republican People’s party stated that “an incident similar to that of Berkin’s had happen in Greece, but there the Interior Minister had resigned, while the Prime Minister had apologised”.

Davutoglu: “It’s an internal affair”.

Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, reacted to the foreign Press publications reagarding the developments stating that “Berkin’s issue is our concern, nobody else’s”. The political analyst, in one of his articles to the newspaper Radikal, reports that “Asad says the same thing in Syria. Why did we meddle in his affairs?”.

Rift in AKP – Prominent members are annoyed.

Information from the Justice and Development party report that AKP has been divided in two camps. Erdogan has allied himself with the Head of the MIT, Hakan Fidan, his personal advisor, Yalcin Akdogan, Ahmet Davutoglu, the Minister of Justice, Bekir Bozdag, and the Interior Minister, Efkan Ala. This group appears to have advised Erdogan that “he must maintain a firm position and run for President. We must not appear that we are backing down”, according to the newspaper Taraf.

In the turkish press they report that AKP’s “big canons”, the party’s cofounders, like the deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, the Turkish President Abdullah Gul, the government’s vice-president Ali Babacan and other members appear annoyed that the Turkish Prime Minister does not make his decisions “alongside” them and they believe “he is following the wrong tactic”.

Erdogan asks for the copyright to the sound documents about the kickbacks!

According to the newspaper Sozcu, Erdogan is trying to claim the copyright for his voice, which is heard on the telephone conversations. According to his staff, if he succeeds he will ask for compensation from YouTube in order to prevent the publication of new sound documents.

“Dictatorial type” coverage of the political developments from the public TV in Turkey – They only air MPs from the governing party.

The Radio and Television Supreme Council of Turkey (RTÜK) announced the percentages of the time the public television networks have dedicated to each political party. The resulting “dictatorial” percentages are shocking. The public television networks have devoted 89.4% of their newscast to members of the AKP, 5.2% to the National Action party (MHP) and just 4.9% to the Republican People’s party (CHP).