The day that symbolizes the overthrow of communism prompts debates between the left and right wing

The day that symbolizes the overthrow of communism prompts debates between the left and right wing

Tirana, 7 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

The left wing majority and right wing opposition are exchanging constant remarks ahead of 8 December, known as the day that symbolizes the start of student protests which aimed at overthrowing communism in Albania.

The Democratic Party, the largest opposition forces, considers this day as its own day, as 25 years ago, the Albanian student youth launched protests against the communist regime, forcing the then communist regime into accepting political pluralism.

The Democratic Party has announced a protest against what it considers as bad governance by socialists and their allies, in order to oblige the government to leave.

The democrat leader, Lulzim Basha says that “8 December is a historic day, but also a day that will make history again” and adds: “It’s the day to send Rama-Meta government home. We have decided to launch our protests and not stop, with all the youth of Albania and thousands of citizens from all over the country. No group of society has seen anything positive from this government. Everyone is disappointed by this government which is responsible of many bad things”.

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The democrat leader says that a technical government must be formed in order to prepare free and honest elections. This is the first time that the opposition officially demands early elections, since June 2013, when the left wing came back in power after 8 years in opposition.

But is the Socialist Party ready to accept the demand of the right wing?

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The leader of the Socialist Party is sure that next year there will not be general elections, by launching sarcastic remarks against his rival, Basha: “There will not be early elections. Rest assured on this. Enjoy the revolution that will never happen. You may dream of this revolution, but for as long as you hold rallies, dreaming of a revolution, you will soon end up alone, because the time when Albanians followed you everywhere is gone”, the head of the government said.

Former columnist and current left wing MP, Alfred Peza,  also uses sarcastic remarks against the democrat leader. “Lulzim Basha thinks that by raising his voice, he will gain a little bit more support within the ranks of the Democratic Party. This is the only reason after the biggest defeat in the 2013 elections and an even bigger defeat in the 2015 elections, Basha is demanding a revolution”.

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Peza admits that “this majority has much work to do”, because “more needs to be done in order for Albanians to live better”, but he adds that the reforms are under way: “We are fighting informality, we’re establishing order, strengthening the state and working for the reform in the justice system, in order for a new page to be opened for Albania”, says the socialist MP, Alfred Peza.

While the left wing doesn’t seem to take the right wings promises that the protests will continue until the government is overthrown and early elections are held, very seriously, 8 December is being anticipated with much interest, in order to see the participation of people in protests, as a test for the policies implemented so far.

The opposition too is trying to gain political ground, by exploiting the discontent that exists within a part of the population. Two years ago, there were also plans for protests and promises were made that they were not going to stop. However, they ended with a rally in the capital. /ibna/

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