Davutoglu: There should also be marches against Islamophobia

Davutoglu: There should also be marches against Islamophobia

Ankara, January 12, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

Mayor of Ankara: “Mossad is behind the attacks in Paris”

His desire to have marches against the phenomena of Islamophobia, similar to the anti-terrorism one in Paris, expressed Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Turkish Prime Minister participated in the march together with the leaders of other countries and at the press conference to Turkish journalists he referred to the Paris terrorists saying that “these fanatics have nothing to do with the Muslim religion and the rules of Islam”. Davouoglou recalled that “the terrorists did not grow up in Muslim countries, but in France, and this is something that should be examined seriously”.

However, the mayor of Ankara Melih Gökçek who is one of the key executives of the AKP Turkey’s ruling party argued that “Mossad is behind the attacks”!

O Gökçek claimed that Israel is troubled by the prospect of the recognition of Palestine as a state and without presenting concrete evidence said that “Israel does not want this issue to go further (recognition of Palestine). That is why behind such events is definitely hiding Mossad, since with cases such as this they reinforce the hostility towards Islam. The (terrorist) attacks were followed by attacks on 50 mosques, but no one talks about them. Under these attacks lies the plan of the non-recognition of Palestine and the oppression of Muslims”.