Davutoglu is examining the possibility of a coalition government

Davutoglu is examining the possibility of a coalition government

Ankara, June 10, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

Opposition parties call for the weakening of Erdogan

Nagehan Alçı: “The Kurdish problem has caused loses to the AKP”

An Erdogan “absence clock” has been created

Turkish Press: “From the spirit of Gezi to the spirit of June 7”

By Manolis Kostidis

Of “a second Gezi movement” speaks the Turkish Press, regarding  the results of the parliamentary elections on June 7, in which the ruling AKP founded by Recep Tayyip Erdogan lost its self-reliance. “Once again in June the Turkish people, raised their voice and gave a good lesson”, writes Ayse Arman in the newspaper Hürriyet.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ahmet Davutoglu was preparing to visit the Turkish president in his palace, to submit the resignation of the government, which is standard procedure. What will be discussed however will be the next steps to be followed. The Turkish Prime Minister does not appear to be negative in a cooperation with a party and has reportedly said to his colleagues, “let’s form a coalition government and in due time lead the country to election”.

In AKP they speak of a possible cooperation with the Nationalist Action Party (MIP), but do not exclude the possibility of cooperation with the Republican People’s Party (CHP). The president of the pro-Kurdish party HDP Selahattin Demirtas ruled out a cooperation with Davutoglu, stating, “we will not participate in government in which there will be the AKP”. The President of the CHP Kemal Kilicdaroglu, however, has stated that “we will not leave the country without government. But first we will solve the problems created by the AKP”.

Nagehan Alçı: “The Kurdish problem has caused loses to the AKP”

The columnist of Milliyet, Nagehan Alci, shared with IBNA her views on the election result: “I believe that the Kurdish problem was the main reason for the loss of votes of the AKP. With the effort of solving the Kurdish and the meetings that took place, the ruling party lost the Nationalists who in these elections voted for the MHP. With the start of the election campaign the president chose to terminate the effort and began to speak against the resolution of the Kurdish problem, launching verbal attacks against the pro-Kurdish HDP. At that time began the leakage of Kurdish voters from the AKP to the HDP. I think those decisions have played the most important role in this election”.

The opposition calls for the marginalization Erdogan

A key issue that concerns the opposition parties is to weaken Erdogan and pose as a condition his marginalization, which according to the Turkish press, it is not an easy matter as the Turkish President has expressed many times that he wants to have the first say in all issues.

The two parties also ask the Ministries of Justice and Interior, in order to stop as they say the mass arrests of journalists and many government officials on charges of participation in the “parallel state” of the Islamic Movement of Fethullah Gülen, as well as to put an end to police brutality.

Erdogan has Davutoglu “in the palm of his hand”

Erdogan reportedly does not particularly wish a coalition government and argues that the AKP should lead the country to elections again.

He has an important weapon against Davutoglu. Next August there is the congress of the AKP, and if Davutoglu does not obey and cooperates with another party, Erdogan can dismiss him from the presidency of the party, as the majority of participants are under his control.

Drop of the shares of the police vehicles construction company. Hurriyet Group on the rise.

The change of climate in Turkey can also be seen in the stock market. The share price of the company Katmerciler, which produces armored police vehicles collapsed by 15% over the last two days. This company had made “big business” after the events of Gezi, with Davutoglu stating that “when demonstrators burned an armored vehicle we will buy 10”. But the election result has caused the expectation that some of the new orders will probably freeze.

Shares of the Dogan group that owns and the newspaper Hürriyet, on the other hand, increase with every passing day. Erdogan accused the specific group every day that it wants to overthrow him, while the pro-government Press argued that there is a secret cooperation of Hürriyet with terrorists and the parallel state!

Clock that times Erdogan’s silence

The newspaper Cumhuriyet, titled “Our heads went quiet”, reports that the Turkish President disappeared after his continuous speeches before the election. “From the day the election campaign started, Erdogan appeared in 127 broadcasts and talked 367 hours and 23 minutes, with all the speeches being broadcasted live. This went on every day. But now after the election result he has disappeared”.

In Turkey was created a website that counts the hours since the last appearance of the Turkish president.


The timer will stop when it reappears.

Putin phoned Erdogan instead of Davutoglu

The Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet says that Vladimir Putin phoned Erdogan to congratulate him on the win of the AKP and invokes an official announcement of the Kremlin.

“He thinks that Prime Minister is still Erdogan and not Davutoglu”, the newspaper says. However, government sources say Putin’s congratulations were for another issue without specifying.