Damascus threatens Turkey and Jordan – Immediate response by Erdoğan

Damascus threatens Turkey and Jordan – Immediate response by Erdoğan

By Manolis Kostidis

Damascus warned Ankara on Wednesday with retaliation in case that it would be attacked, noting that Syria will counterattack, not only in Israel, as everybody’s expecting, but also other target could be Turkey and Jordan.

Syrian deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Faysal Al-Miktad state that “in case of a U.S. attack against Syria, Jordan and Turkey must think twice their participation as when one commences an attack, no one can predict what might happen. We think that in case that an operation against Syria would hold place, then there might be chaos in the whole region as well as in areas surrounding this region”. Miktad noted that Russia is currently helping Syria and sends weaponry to enforce its defense line.

From his side, Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, responded immediately in Miktad’s statements, clearing that “Turkey is ready for every eventuality” and added that Ankara would participate in any alliance who would conduct a military operation against Assad’s regime.

Turkish PM left Turkey on Wednesday to visit Saint Petersburg, in order to participate in the G-20 summit and is going to have separate short meetings with both Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.