Daily “Dnevnik”: Rail referendum about politics

Daily “Dnevnik”: Rail referendum about politics

Daily “Dnevnik” argues in Wednesday’s commentary that the Divača-Koper rail referendum initiators will not achieve their goal even if they win and the most important bill of the Miro Cerar government fails.

The route on which the rail track would be built was determined after five years of negotiations by the first Janez Janša government in 2005 and is specified in national planning documents. The opposition Democrats (SDS) are thus trying to demolish what they passed more than a decade ago, the paper says.

All of the parliamentary debates, press conferences, referendum signatures collection and finally the referendum itself are nothing but a huge election campaign.

The tension of the pending decision of the border arbitration tribunel, especially if it is unfavourable, and opposition to the Magna investment only works in favour of SDS leader Janez Janša.

The referendum is not about the railway track or its financing, it is about securing the best possible placement at the start of parliamentary elections – the sooner, the better, daily “Dnevnik” concludes./IBNA

Source: The Slovenia Times