Daily “Dnevnik” concerned by situation on labour market

Daily “Dnevnik” concerned by situation on labour market

The newspaper Dnevnik is concerned by the structural inconsistencies on the labour market in Monday’s commentary, saying that Slovenia’s importing of unqualified workers and brain drain on the other hand is bad news for the country.

Employers say they cannot find labour force on the Slovenian labour market any more, which is considered to be the main obstacle to the continuation of economic growth.

As the demographic situation is deteriorating, the number of Slovenians fit for work decreases by some 10,000 every year, Dnevnik says.

While employers need as much as 80% of staff with just secondary level of education, almost half of high school graduates continue their studies at college or university.

Companies can no longer get workers at the Employment Service, where only those with no motivation for work, no education and the long-term unemployed are still registered.

“This is a paradox situation. On the one hand employers must look for workers abroad, while Slovenians are increasingly moving out to the West. Such trends can in no way contribute to the urgently needed rise in productivity of the Slovenian economy”./IBNA

Source: The Slovenia Times