Dadic: ‘Atmosphere of fear in northern Mitrovica’

Dadic: ‘Atmosphere of fear in northern Mitrovica’


By Milos Mitrovic – Belgrade, New York

Serbia is ready for the dialogue with Pristina, but is not and would not be ready to accept the independence of Kosovo, Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said at United Nations Security Council meeting in New York. The local elections in northern Mitrovica would be held despite the killing and arresting of the candidates which create the atmosphere of fear, Dacic said late on Monday.

Dacic stressed that any debate about the mandate of European Union law enforcement mission in Kosovo (EULEX) should not be organized in spite of Security Council “given the fact that UN is the roof organization of the international presence in Kosovo and Metohija”.

Serbian PM also said that Brussels agreement on the normalization of the relations between Belgrade and Pristina must be observed. “Otherwise, there will be no adequate ground for any agreements”, Dacic explained. Pristina has failed to prepare the legal framework for the jurisdiction of the community of Serb municipalities – the institution stipulated in Brussels agreement – he said adding that Pristina has not demonstrated the political will in that respect.

“There is a need to reach the basic agreement on long term representation of the Serbian community in Pristina`s central institutions along with the clear idea of their participation through, among other things, detailed regulations on ways of funding the community of Serb municipalities, its communication with Pristina and setting modalities for holding central elections”, Dacic emphasized.

The recent murder of mayoral candidate Dimitrije Janicijevic is contributing to an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, which definitely will not help create conditions for a Serb turnout in the elections, Dacic said, according to Tanjug news agency.  “The lack of sanctions for the perpetrators of the crimes against Serbs creates the more favorable climate for the new crimes”, PM concluded.

With regard to recent imprisonment of Oliver Ivanovic, one of the candidates for northern Mitrovica mayor, Dacic demanded both his urgent release and explanation of the EULEX move ahead of the elections.

“Such impetuous moves may destabilize the fragile peace in Kosovo.”