Dacic: Critics want to hand over the whole Kosovo to Albanians

Dacic: Critics want to hand over the whole Kosovo to Albanians

Those in Serbia who criticize the idea on demarcation as the way of resolving Kosovo and Metohija issue want to hand over whole province to Albanians, Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said today.

Dacic, who is also the president of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), a member of the ruling coalition, recently reiterated his suggestion about the demarcation.

“I have clearly presented my suggestion to make demarcation between what is Serbian, and want is Albanian, because this is in the interest of both Serbs and Albanians; and this is the only possible lasting solution, while the hysterical attacks against me show how hypocritical they (critics) are”, Dacic said.

In the interview for Tanjug news agency, he said that critics “who claim that he betrays something or provokes conflicts” want, in fact, to “hand over the whole Kosovo”. “That is how they see the internal dialogue”, Dacic went on.

Last week president Aleksandar Vucic initiated “internal dialogue” on Kosovo within the Serbian society.

“Serbia will never accept the unilaterally declared independence; Serbia wants the dialogue on lasting solution. Therefore, these attempts of annulling the only possible lasting solution which would be accepted by both Serbs and Albanians are miserable”, Dacic stressed.

“If Netherlands and Belgium can trade territories, as well as India and Bangladesh and many others, why this could not be done also by Serbs and Albanians”, the Foreign Minister said.

In his words, the compromise “represents a kind of the agreement in which each side gets a little bit of what he does not want”. “Except if my critics think that Serbs should lose everything”, Dacic went on.

He concluded: “Thinking that being modern, liberal or pro-European necessary means being anti-Serbian at the same time is miserable”./ΙΒΝΑ