Dacic alleges attempts to push Vučić away from SPS

Dacic alleges attempts to push Vučić away from SPS

This afternoon, the President of the Socialist Party of Serbia, Ivica Dacic, strongly condemned the statement of the Vice President of the party, Novica Tončev , “that five or six thousand people will block the Belgrade-Skopje highway if one more chief of state institutions is removed from the SPS”, announcing that the party presidency would be discussing the issue.

“I told Tončev to apologize to President Vučić. This is an unacceptable and reckless statement and completely contrary to the interests of the SPS”, Dacic told B92.

He stated that we should not drift away from the core of the Socialist Party’s (SPS) policy.

According to the SPS President, a “special war” is at stake as an integral part of Serbia’s destabilization strategy, as well as of the SPS-Vučić relationship.

“According to the SPS, this ‘special war’ aims at pushing Vucić away. As long I am in charge of the SPS, the party will work with Vučić. That’s why there are some voices calling for Dacic’s expulsion”, said the SPS leader.

He reiterated that all those involved in the protests, which he described as violent and destructive, must be held accountable.

As some media outlets reported earlier today, SPS Vice President Novica Tončev, at a meeting of the Surdulica Municipal Assembly, threatened that “what is happening on the streets of Belgrade” will move to the south of Serbia.

Toncev said five or six thousand people would block the Belgrade-Skopje highway “if one of more chief of state institutions was removed from the SPS ranks”.

“Surdulica is the territory of Serbia, the ‘Republic of Užice’, where the only thing there is is that there is no darkness and no fear”, Toncev stated according to media reports. /ibna