Cyprus: Savvas Perdios briefs Cabinet on action plans for the tourism industry

Cyprus: Savvas Perdios briefs Cabinet on action plans for the tourism industry

Today, Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios referred extensively to the National Strategy for Tourism action plans for the tourism industry, during the briefing of the Council of Ministers on the progress of implementation of various actions undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism.

Speaking from the Presidential Palace after the Cabinet meeting, Savvas Perdios stressed that “today I informed the Council of Ministers about the progress of the implementation of the National Strategy 2030, and by that we are referring to the action plan for 2020. Those are intangible actions.

Although a large percentage of the staff of the Undersecretariat has been working from home for the last two months, I must proudly say that 55% of the 2020 action plan has already been realized”.

Continuing, the Deputy Minister of Tourism noted that “the preparation for the terms of the studies has also been completed and we will proceed with them if and when we get the green light from the Ministry of Finance. These include the environmental study for the national tourism strategy, the study of health, wellness and rehabilitation of disabled people, and the study of sustainable development of the towns of Poli Chrysochous and Tillyria”.

Furthermore, according to the Deputy Minister, “many actions have been taken regarding the mountains, the countryside and remote areas. Specialized incentives have been secured for travel organizers to promote the mountainous countryside and remote areas. These have been in force since the beginning of this year. What is more, we have made our proposals available to the Ministry of Interior for areas or communities of Cyprus that must be activated as listed. Finally, we have created a very detailed situation with the craft enterprises, handicrafts and farms of Cyprus where visits are available, so that they can be promoted abroad, but also in domestic tourism”.

Savvas Perdios also informed that the bill for the individual tourist accommodations, the so-called Airbnb, has been passed, alongside a plan to upgrade the leisure centers via grants for renovations of tables, chairs and the decoration in general”.

Meanwhile, issues that concern the remaining 45% of the action plans, such as a tender for the complete redesign of our tourist branding, are underway yet this will happen only if we have the logo.

Consultations have already begun on the sound emission bill concerning leisure centers, and we are in consultation with the Ministry of the Interior, while preparations have begun for the beach law with which many responsibilities will come to the Undersecretary and we want to be ready for 2021, so that the 2021 season can start smoothly, according to the Deputy Minister of Tourism.

He went on to say that “we are intensively preparing for the training programs for taxi and tourist bus drivers and we are doing very well in this area. Some things will be announced soon.

Work has begun on a bill to ban the consumption of alcohol on public roads and squares outside recreation centers.

In a similar vein is the bill to abolish the sale of laughter gas in public places. In fact, the Undersecretariat wants to be included in the category of the fight against drugs, and we have consulted with the Ministry of Health on the matter”.

Finally, something very important that we are currently working on is the modification of incentive plans for special forms of tourism. These plans existed before, but given the situation we are facing now with the coronavirus, the Undersecretary feels that even more emphasis needs to be given to this area of ​​tourism, and at the moment all plans are being re-evaluated. Consultations with stakeholders will kick off, so that the incentives are even more targeted and strong and have an expiration date; not the end of this year, but instead to continue until 2021, so that this winter we can develop these special forms and help the tourism of Cyprus”, Savvas Perdios concluded. /ibna