Cyprus: Repeated Turkish provoations in Deneia

Cyprus: Repeated Turkish provoations in Deneia

Turkish farmers escorted by soldiers steal the crops of the Greek Cypriots

By Michalis Michael

The provocations of the Turks continue in Cyprus. Particularly in the area of ​​Deneia, Turkish Cypriots and Turkish farmers, accompanied by armed Turkish soldiers, reaped the crops of Greek Cypriots farmers. Members of the UN rushed to the spot, since this is not the first time something like this happens.

As local actors point to Denia, there are fears that Greek farmers will react if they feel helpless to do anything to prevent the theft, as they say, of their crop. The UN intervention resulted in both the Turks and Turkish Cypriots leaving in the early hours of Friday from the area they had gathered with their agricultural vehicles, together with the soldiers accompanying them. However, they returned a few hours later.

The situation is once again heated, but at the same time it is treated with calm by the Cypriot government, since a regional episode is not unlikely, while the provocations are recurring./ibna