Cyprus Red Cross welcomes any help

Cyprus Red Cross welcomes any help


Review Hari Stefanatos

With Christmas fast approaching the Cyprus Red Cross is distributing this year approximately 3,500 packages which contain 30 different essential items such as sugar, oil, pulses, evaporated milk, canned meat, canned fish and toilet paper.

According to Cyprus Red Cross General Manager Takis Neophytou’s statements at CNA about 1,675 bags with food provisions are offered to those who need them.

Neophytou also stated that increasing number of families are asking for the Red Cross’s help.

“We take whatever is brought to us and we distribute it depending on the needs at hand”, he says.

Last year, on Christmas time, 2,500 packages were distributed, while this Christmas the initial number was 3,100 with the Commissioner for Volunteering and Non-Governmental Organisations and the Cyprus Schools Parents Association notified the Red Cross that there are another 800 families which could use the help.

(Source CNA)