Cyprus: President receives annual reports on personal data and CAPO

Cyprus: President receives annual reports on personal data and CAPO

The President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades received today at the Presidential Palace the annual report of the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection for 2018 and the annual report of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization (CAPO).

Delivering the report, Data Protection Commissioner Irene Loizidou said the report “reflects the Office’s activities since the full implementation of the European Regulation and clearly shows how people have accepted the Regulation, that is, both natural and legal persons”.

She added that with the implementation of the regulation “there are many obligations, rights are strengthened and this is clearly demonstrated by the doubling of complaints and questions which the Office has received and investigated”.

She also noted that the Office of the Commissioner is continuing its work “to fully implement and comply with the regulation of the public and private sectors”, adding that “the challenges are many and multiply, and we are in a position to serve society”.

For his part, the President of the Republic, after congratulating the Commissioner on the work she is doing, said that “the image has indeed been established that there are finally institutions that, in the performance of their duties, are implementing legislation of very serious importance, or with seriousness for the importance they represent. And it is precisely that, which in the light of these strict provisions of the law, we have proceeded in order to facilitate the administration of justice by the law which I hope will pass by the Parliament on the 17th of the month, under which, under strict conditions, with approval of the Attorney General and by court order, telephone suspects will be monitored for committing crimes. And this is a significant improvement in the solving, but also in the administration of justice.

It is within the same context, moreover, that the major reform of the administration of justice is included and, therefore, taking into account a series of laws that we have introduced we believe will make a significant contribution to restoring the sense of law, to improving personal data conditions, but also to protect the privacy of every citizen, while not overlooking at the same time contributing and finally helping to improve the timely administration of justice”.

Delivering the report, Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization Commissioner Timis Efthymiou said that “for the fifth time we are able to give money to farmers before Christmas, since January that the planning starts we are aiming to give before Christmas. And this year we managed to give another 55m euros in addition to the investment programs which are around 20m euros more. This also pleases the farmers, but we also contribute to the economy, as another 55m euros go into the market before Christmas. So our goal this year will be the same”.

Finally, the Commissioner recalled a Cabinet decision two years ago with which “there was an increase from 24 million to 44 million euro in investments and this has helped us to accept even more applications”.

For his part, the President of the Republic, receiving the report, congratulated CAPO “on the timely payment of hectare subsidies, which also contributes to addressing farmers’ financial problems”, either by loans or by purchasing various products needed by the farmes.

He added that “it is precisely in this context that, given the recent weather conditions and the disasters that have occurred the Government is consistently dealing with any damages that farmers have suffered.

We have introduced the new reform of agricultural insurance, which is an important factor, while compensating for the damage suffered by farmers immediately and on time”.

Finally, the President of the Republic said for the rural world that “we want to see an area of ​​creative presence that is to be encouraged, so that the sensitivity of the Government to respond immediately to any weather disasters, commensurate with what we are facing either now or at times”./ibna