Cyprus: Intervention by Anastasiades during UN’s 75th General Assembly, is heading to Brussels tomorrow

Cyprus: Intervention by Anastasiades during UN’s 75th General Assembly, is heading to Brussels tomorrow

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades is heading to Brussels tomorrow to attend the Special Summit of the European Council to take place on 24-25 September.

Among the topics to be discussed at the European Council are the single market, industrial policy and the digital dimension, as well as external relations, mainly with Turkey and China. The Summit will also review the situation in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.

President Anastasiades will be accompanied by Government Spokesman Mr. Kyriakos Kousios.

Earlier today, Nicos Anastasiades proceeded to a virtual statement during the Summit for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations in New York.

The Cypriot President noted that “on the 75th anniversary of its founding, the United Nations remain essential, still constituting the cornerstone of international cooperation for collective security, the peaceful settlement of disputes and the protection of universal human rights.

The reason for the existence of the United Nations is as necessary as ever: The salvation of humanity from the scourge of war”.

“But this can only be achieved if we abide by the prohibition of the use of force as well as by the system of collective security, which has been created to suppress aggressive actions, with full respect for the principle of the sovereign equality of all states”, Anastasiades noted.

“This is the most fundamental axiom of the existence of the United Nations”, said the Cypriot President, “as well as the measure of their importance and effectiveness”.

“At the same time, the UN is inextricably linked to the struggle and vision of all our citizens for a better and fairer world. This is also the spirit of the ambitious Political Declaration that we approved today”, Nicos Anastasiades continued, adding that “words, however, have value to the extent that they are accompanied by actions”.

“We would expect that by now we would have a more equal and humane world, without armed conflict, violation of the sovereignty and exercise of the sovereign rights of nations, violent migration, inequality, destruction of cultural heritage or the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

To achieve this goal, today’s event provides us with the opportunity for reflection and self-criticism and we should not avoid acknowledging our weaknesses, as this is the only way to address them”, said Nikos Anastasiadis.

The Cypriot President went on to note that we should focus on two of the biggest challenges we face:

“We finally need to adhere to the founding principles of the Charter, which means getting closer to transnational behaviors, which are based on rules rather than force. This is the only way to achieve genuine responsibility and to eliminate double standards”.

“Small states are still at the mercy of powerful states, which do not face consequences for unjust and illegal actions, despite the rules that have been painstakingly worked out by the international community”, Anastasiades stressed.

The Cypriot President continued: “My country, Cyprus, still suffering from the consequences of the illegal Turkish invasion of 1974, is now enduring a new Turkish invasion into its territorial waters, while facing threats to open the enclosed city of Famagusta, in violation of the relevant Security Council Resolutions”.

“We count on and rely on the Secretary-General and all the UN Member-States to protect our independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, in accordance with international law, including the Charter and United Nations resolutions”.

“The other challenge”, Anastasiades continued, “refers to the existential threat of climate change. Some of our countries may become uninhabitable in the near future, despite their limited contribution to the phenomenon”.

“There can be no exceptions to collective, decisive and immediate action”.

“Our message to the world today, but also our promise to each other, should be that the United Nations has been proven vital and irreplaceable, but there is no room for complacency as new threats emerge before we can handle the old ones”.

“The strengthening, flexibility and reform of the United Nations is the best investment we can make for ourselves and for future generations”, the President of the Republic of Cyprus concluded.