Cyprus Interior Minister and EASO Director discuss Asylum and the Opening of EASO Offices in Nicosia

Cyprus Interior Minister and EASO Director discuss Asylum and the Opening of EASO Offices in Nicosia

On Wednesday, 20 September 2017, the Minister of the Interior Konstantinos Petridis met with EASO Executive Director, José Carreira (photo), to strengthen Cyprus’s support for asylum and reception of applicants for international protection, within the framework of the Cyprus Support Plan by EASO, which has been in place since 2014.

The Minister of the Interior reiterated the importance of the support that Cyprus receives from EASO in terms of improving and strengthening asylum procedures and welcoming applicants for international protection, stressing that: “In this critical period of the refugee crisis, EASO has demonstrated how it can provide practical, effective and timely support to the Member States. We wish to thank the EASO for the flexibility and immediate response to all our requests for support, as well as the Member States which, in the context of solidarity, have proposed and sent to Cyprus experts who have made a significant contribution to the success of the activities that are included in the Cyprus Support Plan by EASO.

We consider very important the new support measures that have been added to the Plan and concern the provision of experts for the consideration of international protection requests and the support of Cyprus in cases of mass arrivals of refugees. At the same time, EASO’s assistance in the operation of the Reception and Hospitality Center for International Protection in Kofinos, through the provision of expertise and expertise, has worked positively in terms of more smooth and efficient management of the Center. ”

José Carreira, EASO Executive Director, on the occasion of his visit, inaugurated, together with the Cypriot Authorities, the EASO offices in Nicosia, which are located in the building housing the Asylum Service of the Ministry of the Interior. The offices are staffed by EASO experts who offer service support to the Asylum Service. At the inauguration of the EASO offices, Mr Carreira said: “This is a very important day for the EASO. It is a milestone in EASO’s ongoing efforts to support the Cyprus asylum system, which is facing particular pressures from 2014.

Following the signature of the amended Support Plan by EASO earlier this year, we are taking concrete steps to strengthen our support and provide specialized support to Cyprus.

By continuing to work closely with our Cypriot counterparts, I am convinced that all these measures will help to improve the situation in Cyprus”.

Mr Carreira then visited the Reception and Host Center in Kofinou, for those who request International Protection./IBNA