Cyprus FM takes initiatives in the framework of the Rhodes Conference

Cyprus FM takes initiatives in the framework of the Rhodes Conference

The uniqueness of the conference, as noted by Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides, is that it is searching for a positive agenda, underlining that this cooperation at the Rhodes Conference should be a positive example for other parts of the world by supporting the idea of ​​organizing a similar structure in the wider Mediterranean region with that of the OSCE.

The Cypriot Minister also called on all participating countries to adopt the Nicosia Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property and Monuments and the Combating of Illicit International Anti-Commerce Antiquities, while he referred to the next three concrete steps that Cyprus undertakes to promote in the context of building a positive Cooperation agenda, which are the following:

-The cooperation between the Cyprus Youth Organization and the corresponding organizations of other countries in order to implement joint programs.

-The interconnection of the Cyprus Naval Academy with the corresponding Institute of the Arab Association, in order to promote joint actions on issues related to maritime transport, naval technology, shipbuilding industry.

-Search and rescue cooperation. Cyprus promotes the wider role of Search-Rescue Centers, which extends to maritime terrorism, surveillance and security, the fight against environmental disasters and the protection of marine infrastructure. Especially after the discovery of significant natural gas deposits in the marine environment of the wider region, this cooperation becomes even more significant./IBNA