Cyprus does not sit idle: Plot 7 goes to ENI-TOTAL

Cyprus does not sit idle: Plot 7 goes to ENI-TOTAL

Turkey was claiming plot 7

Reportedly there is satisfaction in the government with the development

Greece-Cyprus co-ordination continues

Cyprus has made another step towards the realization of its energy program, despite Turkey’s moves and provocations in the EEZ. As it became known late last night, plot 7 of the EEZ, which Turkey claims is falling under its continental shelf, is heading for the ENI-TOTAL consortium, which is the consortium that submitted the relevant application for this plot.

The aforementioned government sources are very good at this, and in the coming days the application will be examined by the relevant Advisory Committee, which will prepare a report to be submitted to the Minister of Energy. A Ministry statement states that “as part of the process of applying for a Petroleum Research License for Research Area 7 within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus, which was completed today, Monday, November 26, 2018, a request was received from Total E&P Cyprus BV / Eni Cyprus Limited».

These concerted actions will continue

Greece-Cyprus co-ordinated actions will continue as Turkey insists on questioning the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus in defiance of international outcry, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed in his speech during an official address at the dinner in his honor by the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

In his address, President Anastasiades expressed his determination to engage in dialogue with Turkish leader Mustafa Akinji, stressing that there must be reciprocity from the other side. “We live in a period of Ankara’s illegal actions, but at the same time they are not limited to sea invasion, but unfortunately they are observed at the time when we supposedly on 9 (August) will discuss Confidence Building Measures, including the enclosed Famagusta area, to see actions that instead of building confidence widen the gap or the mistrust or uncertainty about the other side’s intention”, he noted.

In his speech, the Greek Prime Minister reiterated his commitment “to the path of close cooperation between the two countries with the first non-negotiable goal of Greek foreign policy, the resolution of the Cyprus issue, an issue that must not be forgotten is a matter of invasion and occupation. We have made clear to all involved parties our central common position, that there can be no progress without the full abolition of the guarantees and the withdrawal of the occupation troops. We wish a free and reunited prosperous Cyprus, whose legitimate government will effectively, fairly and equitably administer to the Cypriot people and its communities the goods of the island, including, of course, the revenues from the exploitation of hydrocarbons”.

He referred to the co-operation between the two countries in addressing Turkish provocations in Cyprus’ EEZ, noting that “these coordinated actions will continue as long as Turkey insists on challenging the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus in defiance of the international outcry”. Mitsotakis underlined what he described as self-evident: “The only stable guide to peaceful coexistence is international law, and this is what Turkey must understand in practice. It is a prerequisite for meaningful talks and a viable solution”.

He described the forthcoming meeting of the President of the Republic with the Turkish leader in this tense climate as a positive development. “We expect the other side to come to this discussion with a constructive disposition”, he said, expressing hope that Turkey would eventually realize that it is in its own interest to speed up the resumption of negotiations between the two communities, along with a substantial progress in the talks”. Mitsotakis further pointed out that “the escalation of provocations contradicts every statement of intent to resume an effective dialogue”.

On the tripartites

Referring to the trilateral cooperation schemes with the countries of the region, the Greek Prime Minister said that these partnerships have significantly upgraded the role of Greece and Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean as pillars of stability and underlined that “this growing instability requires further deepening, with the involvement of other very strong allies”. Mr Mitsotakis said he attaches special importance to the cooperation of Greece and Cyprus to other areas as well, for the well-being of our peoples, noting that our bilateral economic and trade relations can be further enhanced, given the significant opportunities offered by the joint participation of the two countries in the EU and the Eurozone.

And of course, he continued, “the brotherly ties that bind us are an additional guarantee for a new page, closer cooperation between our two countries at all levels”. Cyprus and Greece, the Greek Prime Minister said, have experienced, in recent years, the experience of a severe, painful economic crisis, Learning useful lessons from it. At this point, Mitsotakis congratulated “the President, the leadership of the Republic of Cyprus, but also the Cypriot people, because – with bold reforms and changes – you have shown how a country can return quickly from stagnation to development”.

Mitsotakis also referred to the situation in Greece, saying that “our country is already borrowing on more favorable terms than ever. And with immediate legislation to be voted on this week and next, the middle class is starting to be relieved of heavy taxation to finally be able to regenerate. With swift moves, the state is modernized. And it’s open to new investments, which will bring a lot of good new jobs”.

But more importantly, he noted, optimism and hope for a proud and robust homeland are finally returning. “We draw a line between the past and, finally, after 10 years of crisis, we look to the future with optimism. For a strong Greece”, he said and emphasized, concluding that” strong Greece also means strong Cyprus, strong Greece means strong Hellenism everywhere in the world”./ibna