Cyprus: Cyprus ranks 8th in the EU for population vaccination

Cyprus: Cyprus ranks 8th in the EU for population vaccination

Cyprus ranks Cyprus 8th among the 27 Member States of the European Union in terms of vaccinations for COVID-19 in terms of population. According to the data published by the Organization, Cyprus, based on the National Vaccination Plan that follows, is in the first places compared to other countries, since 0.69 doses of available vaccines are administered per 100 inhabitants.

The strategy adopted by the Ministry of Health focuses on the practice of immediately allocating the doses received on a weekly basis for the vaccination of citizens, on the basis of the hierarchy of population groups made in accordance with the recommendations of the European Center for Infection Control and Prevention (ECD). Contrary to the practice in other countries of the Union, the method of administering the available vaccines immediately upon receipt allows faster coverage of the population groups at increased risk of serious disease and, in the medium term, will help reduce the number of patients and the decongestion of the Health System.

It is recalled that so far two vaccines have been licensed by the European Medicines Agency, as a result of the agreements concluded by the European Commission, namely the vaccines of Pfizer/BioNTeck and Moderna, while the application for the AstraZeneca vaccine is expected to be examined by January 29. Both licensed vaccines are distributed weekly in the Member States, and vaccination was launched simultaneously in all 27 EU countries on 27 December 2020.

In relation to the implementation of the Vaccination Plan of Cyprus, the vaccination of people over 80 years of age continues with a great and encouraging response. It is recalled that citizens interested in being vaccinated should make arrangements through the Vaccination Portal appointments, which are available weekly. It is clarified that, for the purposes of monitoring and availability of vaccines in the local Vaccination Centers, it is not possible to vaccinate people who have not arranged an appointment in advance.

The massive interest of the citizens for vaccination proves their determination to shield their health and to assist in the protection of Public Health, which will consequently allow the way out of the health crisis.

The next appointments will be available on Monday, January 18, 2021, from 9 am, through the Vaccination Portal for vaccinations in people over the age of 80, during the week of January 25-29./ibna