US and Cyprus cooperate against terrorism

US and Cyprus cooperate against terrorism


By Kyriacos Kyriacou – Nicosia

US government had donated equipment and offered training to the Cyprus government in the security areas of Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime, The Forensic Examination of Terrorist Crime Scenes and The Crisis Response Team, according to the Chief of Police Zacharias Chrysostomou.

Addressing an event on Wednesday in Nicosia, he said that the ongoing threat of terrorism in the contemporary world, as well as the multiple forms that this dreadful international crime takes, makes it essential for all countries to take all necessary measures at all times and at all levels to combat it.

During the event, the equipment that was donated by the American government to the Cyprus Police was presented. Also, 41 members of the Police that participated in seminars in North Carolina and Greece in the years 2011-2013, presented their experiences. Both equipment and training were offered in the framework of the Antiterrorism Assistance Program and Regional Security Initiative of the US Government.

“Useful and supportive”

In his address, Chief of Police spoke of the threat of terrorism and the cooperation with the US.  “Therefore, we consider the assistance offered by the U.S. State Department, within the framework of the Antiterrorism Assistance Program and Regional Security Initiative, as very useful and supportive”, he stressed.

“ The large quantities of police equipment that have been offered to us on various occasions in the past, as well as the numerous training courses attended by our officers in Cyprus, in the US and elsewhere, have improved, to a great extent, our skills and efficiency in carrying out our duties”, he noted. He also expressed his hope that Cyprus Police and the US will continue and further strengthen their cooperation in accomplishing their common goal for safety, security and protection from terrorism and other forms of serious crimes.

Bilateral relations

Deputy Chief of the Mission of the US Embassy Andrew Schofer in his address, noted that the US Ambassador has worked very hard to enhance the bilateral relations in many areas, including security and he certainly recognizes that the ongoing cooperation with Cypriot law enforcement is an extremely important part of the bilateral relations, adding that on that the US are working actively to expand and enhance in the coming years.

“ It is the training interaction and cooperation that is most important in developing the relationship between the Cypriot and US law enforcement personnel, such personal relationships are the glue that helps form a larger relationship”, he stressed, expressing the hope “that we will see many more Americans here in Cyprus, including visitors, investors and tourists to enhance this relationship”.

Schofer also said that in the coming year the US government is planning other training programs for anti terrorism techniques and other issues of mutual concerns such as trafficking in persons.

“Security is best achieved through close cooperation and that thankfully is something that we have helped to achieve through this program”, he said.